In autumn and winter, black knitted sweaters with jeans are simple and foreign, suitable for ordinary girls, super good-looking

In the summer, because of the thin fabric and lack of fit, I can still comfort myself that I can’t find a piece that suits my skin tone, just deal with it! But in winter, not only the fabric is thicker, the sense of existence is stronger, the style types have also become rich and diverse, at this time, take the reason of summer to comfort yourself, it is somewhat unworkable~

In order to get myself out of this predicament completely, and in order to get out of the “sea of suffering” with my little sisters, I did a lot of strategies, and from autumn to winter, I finally picked five colors that everyone wears well and everyone wears white, if you are often troubled by skin color, you may wish to use them directly!


Choosing black pieces in winter should be the most natural, it can not only blend into the environment without a trace, but also contain the body shape of most people with the shaping effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness. The most important thing is that it can make countless small exposed facial features white several shades.

The whole body black shape is no limit in the height and thinness, covering the versatility of the flesh, you can choose the blogger with a black silhouette sweater with black mop jeans, the overall smooth color shape, even if the waist is not outlined, no one will think that you have a problem with your figure.

When choosing a top style close to the face, we should avoid choosing a low-neck design as much as possible, because we choose black to make it better contrast with the skin tone on the face, if the collar is too low, it loses the meaning of choosing it.


If black is the use of the contrast effect with the skin tone to make the skin tone white by several degrees, then the white item is to use its own lighting plate special effect to sharpen the skin tone by several shades.

When you choose a white outfit, you can choose two ideas, the first idea is a relatively simple daily full-body white shape, you can directly choose a pure white hooded knitted long skirt, or you can choose a pure white top with white bottoms.

The second idea is to choose a combination of white + other color bottoms, or that principle, as long as the color of the item near the exposed skin is pure white, other parts can choose other colors.

You can choose the combination of this white knitted sweater and camel gray slim straight pants on the blogger, and the design of the sleeves of the extended sweater is the finishing touch of the overall look, and it is also a selection tip recommended for everyone to choose.

The length of the sleeves that cover half of the palm or cover the entire palm is something that everyone must remember whether they choose tight pieces or silhouettes, because only in this way will the overall look look calmly atmospheric, which is also a very important step to say goodbye to cramped and stingy.


Many people don’t know that gray is white, in fact, not afraid of everyone’s jokes, this “many people” also include me, when I was lazy and did not sort out the white color, I also did not know that gray was white, but combined with a large number of contrasts I found that gray is really white.

However, not all grays are white, only dark grays like bloggers that tend to be dark tones are white.

In order to let everyone quickly see its whitening effect, I deliberately chose a woolen coat with a large gray tone for experiments, and when all the highlights were focused on the sky-blue panels sleeves and patchwork lapels, the overall style was raised, in addition to showing white, it was also particularly advanced.

Navy blue

Navy blue whitening is a fact, I have known this for a long time, but the real choice to wear navy blue tops was this year.

In the past, although I knew that it had a very good ability to show white, its dirty and old visual effects dissuaded me! Because I was young and ignorant and did not understand its beauty, now I found myself behind after “true fragrance”!

In order to make a good impression on the little fairies who choose this color item for the first time, it is recommended that you start with a navy blue lapel coat and a gray turtleneck undershirt, as long as you can control these two pieces and colors, it will be easy to upgrade later!

Cherry red

It’s no secret that cherries are red and white, but to be honest, there are really not many girls who can wear it wonderfully, firstly, because its color is particularly high-profile, and the little sister who likes simple style every day is easy to hold it.

It is because it has a special environment that needs a sense of atmosphere, and wearing the same clothes to the Bund in Shanghai and the home with a strong atmosphere of life are two completely different feelings.

But if you have the driving ability of a blogger, or you are about to go to a particularly atmospheric environment, you can choose a low-neck tight lining with a cherry red anxile coat like her, and you will instantly have the smell of a big heroine!

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