The 12 best outfits for dating~

Dating, although you don’t need a suit for a candlelit dinner, but what kind of festival and ritual you talk about when you wear a gray face, so when the gift is ready, be sure to pick yourself up.

Today, we will also learn together how to dress the boys who accompany the girl

Those who successfully capture your heart, strive to add to your date.

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Jeans, which have been popular all over the world since the 1970s, are still loved by the public today.

In March, the grass grows and the warblers fly, and the season of revival of all things finally begins to have color, and the same is true for dressing, after bidding farewell to the dark colors of winter,

Street outfits are also starting to get colorful.

Between light jeans + dark jeans

Same color and different degrees are wild,



The skinny brother can also try this slim jeans, which will look clean and clean.

In terms of underwear, you can also have a black shirt like the little brother on the picture, which is cool and trendy. Maybe you can find such a cute girlfriend and get out of the ranks of single dogs.


If you are a fitness expert with 8-pack abs, or the type with wider shoulders and upper body, then in terms of underwear, I recommend choosing a crewneck T-shirt is the best choice, which can effectively define your inverted A-line figure.

In addition, you can also learn from the little brother to decorate the cross to have a punk style.


The color is well matched, and the basic crewneck sweatshirt + 9-point pants + booties can stir a woman’s heart.

Everyone has a sweatshirt jacket, but go and see if your wardrobe has the goose yellow of the guy on the picture?

The bright color of goose yellow will appear that the whole person is very warm and lazy

French points.


The northern region where the weather is still relatively cold is definitely not enough for a sweatshirt, but it doesn’t matter, we can also pay more attention to the choice of jacket, the same will have the same effect.

Guys with ideas can also come to a chic necklace to decorate, it will be more ceremonial, of course, Sister Xi only asks you not to be a big gold chain.


Boys with darker skin can also try this deep purple, black can also make you black and handsome.


Combination of wide top and loose bottom

It is also suitable for young guys who are not tall and relatively thin, and can modify the body shape to a certain extent,

Downplay the feeling that you feel skinny.


Of course, if you’re going clubbing with your brother tonight and want to look cooler,

That leather coat part-time is a sharp weapon for pretending to be a style.

Half turtleneck zipper sweater + leather jacket match

Vintage and stylish.

When matching socks and boots, it is best to use small foot 9-point pants, which will look youthful and energetic.


If you want to look youthful and sunny, put a pair of white T+ ripped jeans underneath and instantly give you a campus feel.

The boys of the student party can pay more attention to similar combinations!


Martin boots not only wear cotton clothes with cotton clothes, but also feel good with a trench coat jacket on a spring day.

Red checked shirt + army green trench coat, the color is light and dark complement each other, which has a sense of color jump without being obtrusive.

Low-top Martin boots are more suitable for short-legged stars and can lift the leg line proportions.


Of course, if you are not tall enough and buy tall Martin boots, you must do enough work on the matching of the upper body.

Short flight suits are a good choice,

The upper part of the vision raises the waist line to avoid the sense of déjà vu of 1.2 meters tall.


Here is another tip to share with you,

Wearing a uniform color system will make the legs longer!

And especially when the shoes + pants are black, this phenomenon is more obvious, if you don’t believe it, please see the little brother demonstration on the picture.

At the same time, when the inner layer is a unified color system, it is more convenient for us to try some clothes with a strong sense of design and bold color matching.


Today’s last outfit let’s talk about couples.

Many boys are very shy and embarrassed to wear a couple with their other half, but what Sister Xi wants to say is that it’s really nothing,

You can accompany the female ticket to wear on the street, but it can attract the envious eyes of many girls.

In short, don’t be shy, like her to wear it once with her!

Although the coats of the little brother and sister on the picture are the same style, they are in

The design is simple and generous, very neutral, suitable for both men and women.

In addition, the bean green color scheme is even cooler, which is very suitable for spring wear.