I can’t think of what to wear today, or wear it

Sweatshirts, one of the must-have and iconic items in your wardrobe, are coming out again!

In the past two years, because of the increase in time at home, everyone’s preference for this kind of sweatshirt that “feels very relaxed and comfortable without thinking about it” has skyrocketed.

Let’s talk about this sweatshirt that you can’t put down:

Even though the sweatshirt has barely changed in design for nearly a century, it has been used by each generation as a symbol of the subculture.

No matter how many fashionable elements go back and forth in the fashion industry, few garments have been as evergreen as the sweatshirt for 10 centuries, and have gone from non-mainstream to mainstream, from most contemptuous to most popular, and even rising to personal attitudes.

From the hooded cloak worn by the first monks in the 12th century, to the 1930s, when the Champion launched the first sweatshirt in the history of human fashion, to the political debate that became synonymous with urban decay, to the darling of the runway, it all said: sweatshirt, so complex that few clothes effortlessly hint that much.

Sweatshirts that combine warmth and anonymity thrive in subcultures, and punk godmother Vivienne Westwood brought the sweatshirt as a match on the 82 Buffalo girls runway.

But what really establishes a fashion-and-street symbiosis between sweatshirts is Raf Simons’ Spring/Summer 2002 collection: which uses sweatshirts as one of the main garments and talks about the social relationship of the moment.

RAF SIMONS Spring/Summer 2002 Collection

The move even influenced Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements.

VETEMENTS Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

From street bullies to Silicon Valley elites, sweatshirts have captured too many people!

As long as it’s comfortable enough to make people want to wear it thousands of times. The “clone” model that can be full of streets, how to stand out from the crowd while choosing your favorite sweatshirt?



Ancient and casual

When it comes to polo collars, unfamiliar people are choked when they hear it.

Even if the polo collar is a stereotypical combination of business and sports, it does not hide the “ruffian” nature of the sweatshirt in the slightest.

This year’s super windy American retro style is also thanks to the Polo collar sweatshirt.

In addition to the buttoned polo collar sweatshirt, the zipper version is also popular. In contrast, the tough and neutral sexiness of the button sweatshirt is eliminated, and the neck appears to be more slender.

In addition, compared with ordinary sweatshirts, polo sweatshirts are not so heavy, and the overall sense of transition from summer to autumn will remain.

Even in autumn, you don’t have to worry about starting to hide your summer shorts, and you can directly match them all with your upper body, which can not only expose your collarbone to create a thin effect, but also hold the aura as a whole.

If you want to get rid of the “student campus sense” childishness, directly zip up, sunglasses on, this boss taste will not come out!

Matching with a long skirt is also a minute, simple and versatile, with a sense of laziness.

If you can’t find the right polo sweatshirt, you can also pair a crewneck sweatshirt with a peak-collarded shirt to create the same retro chic.



Gentle and lazy

Texture fabrics have blown fiercely in recent years, and clothing with towel fabrics has also become people’s new favorite.

The fabric is soft and loose, and from a distance, it will take on a gentle foggy feeling, full of texture. Even the use of this material by major brands has not fallen behind.

PRADA Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Towel sweatshirt has an exclusive name: Towel Hoodie, in addition to the long pile towel sweatshirt, the short pile towel sweatshirt is also handy.

If you shop carefully, you will find that many seemingly ordinary sweatshirts actually use this towel fabric, for the simple reason that this is a skin-friendly MVP!

It also has the effect of breathability, and you can still get on your body as today’s OOTD even if you go to the beach for vacation and fear of the sun. Dressed in a solid color long-sleeved Hoodie before the vacation, I couldn’t think of it, but the fashion began to really be spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Although a solid color look is a cliché, just pair it with metal jewelry to have a sense of effortless fashion.

Colorful towel sweatshirts are not as difficult to control as expected, as long as you keep the lower body wearing “monotonous”, you can match the bright sweatshirt very well.



Close your eyes and match the Dafa

A short sweatshirt, and a pair of high-waisted loose pants at will, can be said to be the standard for supermodels. It is tall and super attractive, and it is one of the matching options that can be worn with closed eyes.

But once you put on the corset, the whole style changes drastically, turning into a vintage high street Sporty Chic girl.

While staying hot by the beach in autumn, you can also wear it with a short sweatshirt to prevent the scorching sun and enjoy the temperature difference after sunset.

The biggest surprise of the short sweatshirt is that no matter how warm the suit is, there is no feeling of bloated and heavy.

After watching the show in the spring and summer of 2022, it is not difficult to find that this wave of fashion will continue into next year.

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2022 collection

In fact, through the runway Look, you can get that if you don’t add a short sweatshirt to your wardrobe, it’s not a big problem, as long as you tuck the ordinary sweatshirt into the waistband of your trousers, you can instantly have a short sweatshirt fashionable tips!

If you feel that it is still too monotonous, you can try the same way of wearing Dua Lipa: use a thick metal chain around the middle of the ordinary sweatshirt, and the short style is not coming.



Missing hands

When it comes to sleeve length, many people disagree: what is this detail that is easy to overlook? Forget about the disappearance of the lower body? Playing missing hands?

Here we also have to mention the semi-permanent messenger of sweatshirts Billie Eilish, who can be described as mastering extra-long sleeves to the fullest.

Although she loves XXXXXL, she can easily hold everything if it is properly matched. It seems that as long as it is oversized, everyone will ignore the matter of excessive sleeves.

This familiar “strange” image also appeared in the runway collection in autumn and winter 2021, and many costumes became longer and larger.

MARC JACOBS Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

Left: RAF SIMONS Fall/Winter 2021 collection


It comes with an indescribable sense of the future, and it can also create an inexplicable golden ratio after the upper body.

Of course, if you feel too oversized, you may wish to try the combination of shorts and sweatshirt and extra-long sleeves, and it will become everyday in seconds.

It can also be worn with loose jeans to create a “sleepless” feeling of autumn sleepiness.

Even though the sweatshirt has been floating in the history of fashion for so long, it still maintains its “novelty” to this day.

So did you get your own new sweatshirt?

Executive Producer: Sherry Ning Lee

Responsible editor: Chen Xixi

Written by: Boi