The compact and portable USB wireless card allows desktop computers to achieve wifi freedom

Wireless network cards are divided into USB and PCI-E, USB network cards are cheap and easy to install, while PCI-E network cards have better network speed, but only desktop computers can be used.

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Desktop computers want to use wifi to access the Internet, when the laptop network card is damaged, the wireless network card can solve these problems. If you do not have high network requirements, you can choose a USB network card.

Today I recommend several USB wireless network cards, most of which are plug-and-play, small in size and easy to carry.

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1. Asus | USB-AC57

Built-in antenna, RTL8812bu chip

ASUS’s diversification strategy has been very successful, with product lines covering almost all 3C areas such as PCs, boards, servers, and wired/wireless network communication products. Compared with the three pillar businesses of board and PC, ASUS network products are much more low-key, but as a key node of intelligent terminal equipment and networks, network cards/routers are also an important part of ASUS’s diversification strategy.

The USB-AC57 wireless network card uses the RTL8812bu chip, although the performance is not as good as the higher 8814AU chip, but it is also a high-end configuration in the USB network card. 2T2R has a built-in antenna and also supports WAVE 2 MU-MIMO, and the transmission rate in the 5G band should reach about 500Mbps.

And the price is not expensive, which is very suitable for cost-effective users with certain performance requirements.

2. Lead | WUSB6100M-AS

Flagship network card, supporting MU-MIMO

Leader is one of the oldest and most comprehensive manufacturers of networking equipment, especially wireless network equipment, and is recognized as the world’s leading supplier of wireless and Ethernet networks for home, SOHO and small business users. Around 2003, Leader’s wireless communication products had a market share of 55%.

The WUSB6100M is the only network card currently sold by Lingsei in China, and it is also the flagship network card of Lingse, which has won the “BEST OF CES 2016” and Tweak Town Editor’s Choice Awards. WUSB6100M looks similar to U disk, the biggest highlight is support mu-mimo technology, with mu-mimo wireless routing can achieve multi-device multiple input and multiple output, especially suitable for users who often download / upload multiple devices in the same network.

However, the WUSB6100M antenna is only 1T1R, the signal increase is not strong, and the price is about 270 yuan.

3. Netgear | A7000

Nighthawk series, high-end RTL8814AU chip

NETGEAR is a well-known brand in the international market. When it comes to networkware, everyone may only think of wireless routers, but in fact, Netgear has a rich product line, routers, switches, APs and network cards, and has considerable depth. NETGEAR has basically occupied a leading market position in Europe and the United States, with a market share of more than 30% in North America.

A7000 is the current flagship network card of Netgear, the overall style of the network card is similar to ASUS USB-AC68, all are USB base + folding external antenna design, the highest transmission rate is also the same dual-band 1900M, even the chip is the same Realtek.

In terms of price, the two are not far apart, both are about 450 yuan, the only difference is that the net gear is a two-year direct replacement warranty service, while ASUS supports a three-year warranty, which can be freely selected according to brand preferences.

4. Tenda | U9

Cost-effective option with support for MU-MIMO technology

Tenda is also one of the first enterprises in China to enter the wireless network field. Although Tengda has been established for less than 20 years, it has a good development momentum, is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise, and is also an import and export A enterprise, and its products are exported to 80 countries around the world.

The U9 adopts a mini design, which is smaller than the regular USB network card in size, and the portability will be better. The biggest highlight of U9 is that it supports MU-MIMO technology, which can greatly improve transmission performance with MU-MIMO routers, which is difficult to see on some brands’ high-end and even flagship network cards.

The price is only about 50 yuan, the cost performance is very good, which is also one of the cheapest MU-MIMO network cards on the market, but the antenna is only 1T1R, and the signal strength may be slightly weaker.

5. Mercury | UD6S

Portability, MU-MIMO technology

UD6S is an AC dual-band 650M USB network card, the biggest highlight is to support MU-MIMO technology, with MU-MIMO router can greatly improve transmission performance, this function is difficult to see on some brands of high-end and even flagship network cards.

In addition, it has the advantages of small size, easy to carry, and cheap price.

6. Youxun | DWA-171

Mini network card, small and light and easy to carry

DWA-171 is the mainstream level network card of Youxun, which is a USB wireless network card with a relatively regular appearance, the length is shorter than the U disk, about the size of an adult’s thumb, whether it is suitable for notebooks or desktops, and it is also very convenient to carry. However, as a built-in antenna network card, the 1T1R antenna theoretically has less signal strength than an external antenna network card. In addition, the network card does not support Linux systems, and the price of about 100 yuan is still slightly higher than TP-Link similar products.

7. Pulian | TL-WDN5200 driverless version

Built-in antenna for better portability

The overall performance and functions of TL-WDN5200 are comparable to TL-WDN5280, the same AC dual-band 650M, support CCA air frequency detection technology and Soft AP function, and driver-free, plug and play, very convenient. But the difference between the two is that this is a USB interface, and the transmission speed is certainly not as good as the PCIE interface, but the victory is higher in portability, and users can choose by themselves.

8. Pulian | TL-WN725N driverless version

Mini network card, 150M single band

TL-WN725N is an entry-level single-band wireless card with a maximum speed of 150Mbps, supports analog AP function, can turn on hotspots, and is very small and easy to carry. However, the overall performance is average, suitable for users who do not require high network speed.

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