These 4 ways to wear jeans are popular this winter! Keep warm and stylish, and take care of all leg shapes

#How do girls look good in jeans#

#Winter Wear Diary#

Sisters struggle with whether it is winter

Do you want to be beautiful or warm

? Especially when putting on bottoms, the already thick pants and tucked leggings, even if you are a “leg essence”, will be greatly reduced.

What pants are best worn in winter? That must be”


”。 Let’s share with you the matching scheme of winter jeans~

1. Coat

Wear it with a plush coat

A girlfriend asked me to recommend a coat, and I recommended it first

Plush coat

, it is warmer than a coat and fashionable than a down jacket. and

The sense of CP is also very sufficient.

Lamb wool coat

It’s a plush coat. The long hair outside and the imitation leather inside, light and not pressing, the warmth coefficient is still high, I really love and love, and I feel that there is no problem in the winter in the south.

If the upper body fit is too large, just put it on

High-waisted jeans

Tuck a turtleneck sweater inside your waist to create it

High waistline

, optimize the proportion, show the leg length with one stone.

A fur-integrated coat

, is definitely the best companion in winter, hairy to the touch silky and soft, the upper body has an aristocratic halo, warmth is excellent.

Especially this one belongs

Micro silhouette

, wear it very flesh-covering, do not pick people to wear. When I first got this coat, I was worried about choosing bottoms, but in the end

Saved me.

Lift the plush coat, how can it not be

Teddy bear coat

! The mid-length fit is layered with one

Skinny jeans

It is most suitable for showing thin legs while also reducing the bloated feeling of teddy bear coats.

Wear it with a down jacket

Many people don’t choose


Winter, just worry about wearing it to look fat! Today, I will give you a few down jackets that are not easy to show fat and are especially suitable for jeans.

Cropped down jacket + high-waisted jeans

The way to wear is both

Avoid appearing fat

It’s okay

Appear high

of collocations. Straight-fit jeans, wearing a pair of cotton pants inside, are not easy to find~

I don’t know the sisters right”

Small fragrant wind

“Interested? If interested, this piece is filled



Small fragrant coat

I recommend you to try. The white body is covered with a red sweater, which is too much to mention the skin tone~

What is the style of Lady Fan’s little fragrant jacket and casual Fan’s jeans? It’s hard to say what style, but it’s quite sassy!

When wearing a short down jacket, there are two main points: 1. The sweater inside is tucked into high-waisted pants to create a high waist line; 2. Roll up the trouser legs to expose the ankles to show the length of the legs.

2. Inside

Layer over a knitted vest

We go into the warm interior, take off whatever the jacket is, and the underwear you wear is your outfit. This one is worn from early autumn to late winter

Knitted vest

, especially suitable



Layer one piece

High neck undershirt

‘s wearing method brings out the warmth and layering to the fullest.


Can show the face is small~

Tuck in one corner of the vest

, not only add points to handsomeness, but also show high waist.

Knitted vest + shirt

I don’t need to introduce the wearing method, it is simple and easy to wear and keep warm. and

Wide-leg jeans

Together, it’s also quite suitable.

Layer shirts

Brick red

Corduroy thick shirt


The combination of temperature and grace. Perfect for sisters who love shirts.


Together, it really achieves the same style up and down, and if the weather is not particularly cold, it is not a big problem to go out and walk around alone.

This cotton-shirt has a slightly slim fit for smaller girls, and the turtleneck is tucked into jeans to show off your legs.

With so many demonstrations of jeans matching, I don’t know which one you like best?





Knitted vest

High neck undershirt