The trend is set! Apple has decided that its future products will be wireless, why is that?


What will the iPhone of the future look like? Why has Apple always upgraded the iPhone slightly, without pain? In fact, Apple will greatly upgrade the iPhone, and the iPhone 13 may be the first mass-produced mobile phone to cancel the charging port.

According to media reports, at least one model of next year’s iPhone 13 will no longer be equipped with a charging port. Wireless charging is not a new thing for the iPhone, as early as the iPhone 8 equipped with this technology, but from the iPhone 12, Apple has unprecedented epic enhancement: the maximum power of ordinary Qi wireless charging is 7.5W, while the maximum power of MagSafe wireless charging is 15W. According to Apple’s current wired fast charge of up to 20W, 15W is already a completely acceptable level.

Although the official charger of MagSafe is priced at as high as 300+ yuan, Huaqiangbei and others have launched a cheap version of MagSafe chargers and accessories, and the market is already rich. iPhone 12 canceled the power adapter was criticized, but if the iPhone 13 blows the “storm” to cancel the charging port, I believe that the price of third-party MagSafe accessories will be more reasonable, and Android mobile phone manufacturers will also launch products into this market, magnetic charging will become the mainstream.

Therefore, a certain model of iPhone 13 does not have a charging port, but has a higher MagSafe charging power, and its packaging no longer comes with a charger and charging cable and headphones, which is likely to become a reality.

There are still many friends full of misconceptions about wireless charging. In the previous article, someone asked me how to flash the phone if I canceled the charging port?

In fact, the relevant solutions have already appeared. At the Meizu Zero press conference, Li Nan introduced that this non-open phone uses wireless USB technology, through which the machine can be flashed. In addition, the future mobile phone physical SIM card will also become history, ESIM card will be popular, no need to plug and unplug the air card, more convenient.

So since Apple can make the decision to cancel the charging port, it means that other situations and solutions are mature, and the problems caused by canceling the charging port can be perfectly solved. However, the cancellation of the charging port also means that the product of wired earphones has become history for mobile phones.

The marginalization of wired headphones has long been trending. The original 3.5mm headphone hole necessary for mobile phones has gradually been canceled, in order to better waterproof and save internal space, of course, the biggest reason is to promote Bluetooth headsets. In the process of canceling the 3.5mm headphone hole, many manufacturers randomly supplied 3.5mm to Type-C adapter cables, and even launched Type-C interface headphones, but these have become history.

Accelerate the development of Bluetooth headsets, thanks to Apple. The Bluetooth headsets before AirPods are mostly halterneck Bluetooth headsets, also known as sports headphones, which are not beautiful to wear, and many users are not cold. Until Apple launched AirPods, true wireless design, with headphone charging case can ensure battery life, from practicality to appearance have been improved, TWS Bluetooth headset market is hot so far.

Therefore, the iPhone with the cancellation of the charging port means that users must spend more money to buy AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones, which is also a disguised way for users to spend more. But I think TWS Bluetooth headsets can greatly improve the user experience.

The elimination of the charging port of the mobile phone is the trend, and all this will be opened by Apple.

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