Summer and suspenders are a perfect match, pure and lustful, passers-by can’t help but take a look at more

It’s getting hotter and hotter, and it’s annual again

When all kinds of summer suspenders dance.

Hearing that the small suspender may be happy and worried, of course, the joy is that the suspender shows the figure,

Wear it right and transform into a summer babes in minutes.

The place of worry is also obvious, less suspender cloth, more exposed flesh,

What kind of body shape problem is directly exposed when choosing the wrong one.

Just a little bit of meat, as long as the fit is not right, the feeling of wearing it is completely different.

Not to mention some

Irregular shoulder lines, trapezius muscles, and side breasts

The problem, choosing the wrong sling is basically nowhere to hide.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear suspenders if you have these problems, I’m the best at helping you solve your dressing problems, so I’ll send it to you today

How to choose tips for all shapes and sizes that suit your small suspenders,

Let you dance in summer.

How to choose a sling with wide shoulders?

Tip 1: The shoulder strap should not be too thin and fancy, 2-3cm broadband is the most suitable

Thin shoulder suspenders look good is good-looking,

But when put on the broad shoulders, it will be a stark contrast,

Widen the already wide shoulders.

And now many suspenders have a shoulder strap design that is bells and whistles, and normal shoulder width wear is the icing on the cake,

It’s really hard not to notice your burly shoulders.

So sisters with wide shoulders, please automatically put down this bells and whistles, just give me an honest pick of wide shoulder straps,

The combination of wide + wide has a visual effect of shoulder closure in the case of large areas of exposed skin.

But it can’t be too wide, like this kind of cassette vest with too wide straps is not very friendly, easy to make you look better,

The length of the shoulder band width is most suitable in 2-3cm,

This width is not error-prone.

Tip 2: The hanging neck should not be too flat

The neck mouth will form two parallel straight lines with your shoulders,

In contrast, it is clear who is wide and who is narrow.

I recommend that you choose some suspenders with U-neck and V-neck necklines, which solve the problem of wide shoulders, not to mention,

The upper body is friendly to both big breasts and small breasts.

Or something like that

Small design of hanging neck,

It is a good hand to divert attention from shoulder width.

Tip 3: A slightly wider hem is narrower than a cinched hem

Because the area exposed by wearing suspenders is relatively large,

If the hem of the suspender is too good to shrink the waist, the upper body will have a sense of breadth and thinness,

Instead, it will show shoulder width.

It is best to buy this slim but not tight loose fit,

It avoids the contrast between the tightness of the waist and the width of the shoulders, while also highlighting the curves of the figure.

How to choose a sling with narrow shoulders?

Tip 1: The shoulder straps should not be too thick, and it is easy to be top-heavy and light

In contrast to broad shoulders, narrow shoulders cannot be touched by wide shoulder straps. As soon as the wide shoulder straps are put on, the upper body looks cramped,

The sisters who are big are still very unfriendly, and the heavy head “shoulders” are you who say it lightly.

It is not difficult to solve this problem, or through the universal contrast method,

Decorate your shoulders with thin shoulder straps, and the thin shoulder straps will make your shoulders wider,

By the way, balance the head-to-shoulder ratio of the upper body.

Like Xiaoju, she is notoriously large and narrow in her head,

The suspenders worn daily are all thin shoulder straps.

Tip 2: Bring the straps closer to your neck

If the shoulder straps are too close to the shoulders,

It’s easy to expose the actual shoulder width of the sisters with narrow shoulders,

Visually, the head-to-body ratio will have a “top-heavy and lightweight” feeling.

It is best to choose some suspenders with halter necks and cross collars,

The closer the shoulder strap is to the neck, the wider the shoulders appear on both sides, blurring your actual shoulder width,

Give our narrow-shouldered girls a stage to show.

Besides. Narrow shoulder wear will not have high requirements for suspenders, but if narrow shoulders are accompanied by trapezius muscles and secondary breasts are more obvious body bugs,

Looking down, there are better options.

How to choose a sling with trapezius muscles?

Tip 1: Thick sling to cover the trapezius muscles

A suspender with a thin neck strap like this can be said to be a public punishment for the trapezius sisters, and a person like Wu Jinyan is too straightforward,

Directly expose the upper body bug completely.

Although the design of the halter neck can help you block the trapezius muscles well, if the halter neck strap is too thin, it is also a white match,

The thick halterneck straps are the savior of the trapezius muscles.

The width is just enough to cover your thick shoulder straps like your collarbone, just right,

It does not cover the thinnest collarbone, but also perfectly blocks the trapezius muscle.

And the shoulder straps are wide enough to have a visual cut, and it can also cover the side breasts by the way,

Give people a glance like they have a swan neck, and then put their hair down, and their attention will not stay on their shoulders.

Tip 2: You can’t choose an I-beam for the style

I know that sisters with trapezius muscles will consider buying this I-beam to cover up. Although it perfectly occludes your trapezius muscles,

But it also wraps around your only evidence of thinness—your collarbone.

The most deadly thing is,

It will divide your upper body into three equal pieces,

Let you, who were originally only protruding trapezius muscles, look wider and more even, and stronger and stronger.

Promise me

Even if your trapezius muscles are obvious, don’t wear an I-vest,

Because it really doesn’t fit in with the trapezius muscle.

How to choose a sling with a pair of breasts?

Tip 1: The arm socket cuff fabric should not be too small

Many suspenders have very little fabric at the cuffs of the arm socket,

The design can be said to be very intimate, and the secondary milk is at risk of exposure every minute.

When you buy, you have to look at the position of the shoulder straps, and the closer the shoulder straps are, the better to cover the breasts,

The shoulder strap is best positioned on the outermost side of the collarbone, and the effect of modifying the secondary breast is the best.

Tip 2: Don’t open the cuff junction too much

One point that is easy to overlook when buying suspenders is that you don’t look at the size of the opening of the cuff. The cuffs are too close to the chest,

Not only can it not cover the side milk at all, but it is also accompanied by the risk of running out.

Choose this high hem + diagonal design cuffs is the safest,

The hem of the high coat blocks the opportunity for the side breasts to show their heads, and the diagonal crotch cut makes it look like the arms will not be connected to the side breasts.

And most of the suspenders of this style are more daily, and they can be worn to work and school.

Tip 3: The suspender joins the cuffs above the armpits

May I ask if the junction between the suspender and the cuff is so down, do you want to tell others that the piece exposed under the armpit is a pair of brackets hahaha,

There is simply no place to hide the side breasts.

The connection between the suspender and the cuff is preferably in the armpit or above the armpit,

Say byebye directly to the side breasts, and in this position, even if the arms are a little flesh, it will not appear that the upper body is very strong.

No matter what you wear, I hope you can accept your imperfections, and you don’t have to listen to too much poisonous chicken soup like “you look good in any way you wear”,

Accept pickles, accept your true self, and find a place that truly deserves your self-confidence.