The seasonist is really good, and there is a new flavor of potato chips

18 flavors of potato chips big review, do you like it?

18 flavors

The colors are colorful

1. Sakura rice flavor: super beautiful color, wine flavor greater than floral aroma, slightly sweet and sour taste, 90g/10.9r/492 kcal

Gentle and lovely color

The packaging cherry blossom pattern is beautiful

2. Mellow chestnut flavor: the aroma is like fried chestnut cake flavor, slightly salty taste, 90g/10.9r/495 kcal

Packaged chestnuts look so tempting

The taste is ok

3. Caramel pumpkin flavor: The aroma is a bit like burnt fried pumpkin cake, slightly salty and sweet taste, 90g/9.9r/491 kcal

It’s orange inside and out

The color of the harvest

4. Yam salty pork rib flavor: the seasoning is heavy, a bit like the dry powder bun flavor of braised beef noodles, salty flavor, 90 grams / 9.9r / 488 kcal

Beige potato chips


5. Purple sweet potato coconut milk flavor (new and old models): rich coconut aroma, purple sweet potato flavor, slightly sweet taste, new 104 grams / 11.9r / 572 kcal, old 90 grams / 9.9r / 491 kcal

Left old right new


The newly packaged potato chips are thinner and slightly lighter

6. Avocado sweet mustard flavor (new and old): just in the mouth is avocado aroma, then mustard aroma, and then there is actually a fish aroma, like eating sushi, salty and sour new, 104 grams / 11.9r / 567 kcal old 90 g / 9.9r / 488 kcal

Green oil avocado

Old packaging

New packaging

7. Black truffle black pepper flavor: the seasoning flavor is super heavy, a thick layer of powder on the potato chips, like eating a dish, garlic powder + black pepper powder + onion powder + soy sauce + white vinegar, fresh salty and slightly sour taste, 104 grams / 11.9r / 567 kcal


Super fragrant

8. Spanish ham flavor: a large aroma of ham and bacon, feeling added chicken powder, super fresh, fresh and salty flavor, 104 grams / 11.9r / 567 kcal

A scent of ham sausage

The potato chips are neat

9. Nourishing barbecue flavor: rich taste, super delicious, always loved, spicy salty and sour taste, 104g/8.9r/561 kcal

Super delicious

Rich layers of flavors

10. Classic original flavor: potato flavor, crispy and delicious, my favorite, salty flavor, 104 grams / 8.9r / 567 kcal

Classic taste

Always loved it

11. Suck fingers braised pork flavor: The strong five-spice powder flavor is also too fragrant! Eating potato chips to eat meat aroma, is also my love, salty and fresh taste, 104 grams / 8.9r / 567 kcal

No one can resist the five-spice powder flavor!

Super delicious, I like it

12. Jade cucumber flavor: cucumber aroma is strong, there is a slight coolness in the mouth, the bag is better than the can, the fragrance taste, 104 grams / 8.9r / 564 kcal


There is fine cucumber powder on the potato chips

13. Fresh and strong tomato flavor: tomato flavor is heavy, tomato control favorite, sweet and sour, salty taste, 104 grams / 8.9r / 564 kcal

Sweet and sour

Pomodoro definitely likes it

14. Rustic tomato flavor: lighter than the previous one, but very fresh, slightly sour taste, 104 grams / 8.9r / 567 kcal

The taste is more refreshing

Packaging pink tender color

15. Black pepper steak flavor: OK, there is a fragrant fried flavor, caramelized and crispy taste, 104 grams / 8.9r / 564 kcal

Not bad

There is a smoked aroma

16. Chili grains spicy crayfish flavor: large chili granules, crayfish aroma, the hottest one of potato chips, spicy fresh flavor, 104 grams / 11.9r / 567 kcal

The new taste looks very appetizing

Spicy and delicious, can’t stop

17. Rose petals sweet and sour rose flavor: floral and rich, floral and fruity flavor, 104 grams / 11.9r / 572 kcal

Rose scent

Potato chips are densely littered with broken rose petals

18. Seaweed grains fragrant roasted seaweed flavor: seaweed powder grains visible to the naked eye, fresh flavor, 104 grams / 11.9r / 567 kcal

The taste of the sea

There are super many grains of seaweed

Ranking of my favorites: Original > braised pork> black truffle black pepper> grilled meat flavor> crayfish flavor.