Together into the future! Building dreams in Yancheng, living up to the spring light, the second Begonia Culture Carnival is coming

The crowd is surging, and the city is hot

The 2nd Haitang Culture Festival and Data Industry Conference

Blockbuster strikes

Begonia Art Month, Begonia Kite Festival, Begonia Music Festival


The fun is upgraded and the excitement continues

Hurry up for a sneak peek~

Opening ceremony of the Begonia Culture Carnival

March 28

Opening ceremony of the event

Empower science and technology to build the future

Political, business, academic and other celebrities attended the scene

Help the spread of Begonia Culture Carnival

Promote the high-quality development of Yannan High-tech Zone

Kick off the Carnival series of events

Watch the Begonia themed forum

Experts in the field of domestic cultivation gathered

Discuss the development and application of begonia

Exchange the latest academic and industrial achievements

Jointly promote the development of begonia industry

Begonia Art Month

March 28-May 4

Children’s drawing

Damei Begonia Garden Happy New Yannan

School-age children aged 6-14 are invited

With the theme of “Spring Begonia”

Set up a children’s drawing contest

Painting begonia flowers to convey hometown feelings

Jointly help the spread of begonia culture

Begonia photography

Pavilions, nine-curved cloisters

The begonia garden is quaint

Photography week adds ancient DP points

Strengthen the atmosphere of Han culture

Create a “tang” tide scene

Begonia camping

Take food and social as the drainage of the park

Create a begonia-themed camping & picnic event

Provide a social place for tourists to “meet friends”

The camping festival features a Begonia Starry Night concert

Invite well-known bands and singers

A musical feast of passion and romance

Begonia Market open-air cinema

Movies related to begonia and spring are shown

There are rest areas such as lazy sofas and cushions on the ground

Enrich the nighttime entertainment experience of tourists

Begonia tent

Begonia Henna hand-drawn tattoo

Begonia Hanfu Culture Exhibition

The combination of dynamic and static exports begonia culture

DIY drawing featured begonia tents

The whole atmosphere creates a unique begonia market

Cultural and creative desserts, handmade DIY, cultural and creative display…

Strengthen interactive experience and deepen Yancheng’s urban image

Begonia kite

April 2-May 4

United Kite Ox Man

Make the world’s largest “begonia flower” shaped kite

Grandly released over the China Begonia Garden

A hundred kites fly together and are full of fun

Kite graffiti, fun kite competition,

The most cute kite, baby photography and other activities

Create the most shining zither ocean in Yancheng

Begonia Music Festival

May 1-4

Top bands and big coffees help

Cool design, dream stage

Detonated Yancheng C position debut

Create a national urban benchmark music event

In addition to music, there is

Internet celebrity snacks, creative market

Satisfy your multiple play needs at once

Closing ceremony of the Begonia Culture Carnival

May 4 evening

Closing ceremony of the Begonia Culture Carnival

The award ceremony will be grandly held

The event came to a successful end

Drone technology show

Domestic cutting-edge scientific and technological means and special effects devices

Present the story of begonia blossoms in the form of comic strips

The world’s first unmanned ship technology light show

– “Ship Says Begonia” shockingly staged

Invite Yancheng public welfare practitioners

Watch “Boat Says Begonia” for free