Halfway through winter, I found that the long down jacket was still so foreign, and Zhang Shaohan’s style was quite beautiful

Women with relatively petite bodies are much weaker than tall women in terms of volume and presence. And the height problem is irreversible and there is no way to improve it, and the effect of wanting to wear tall and thin is also the focus of small girls’ dressing, once you can master the skills of skilled dressing, the choice of clothing is just as large, and it can also highlight the advantages of petite and delicate.

Zhang Shaohan, who is petite and small, has a very good set of private clothes. The long down jacket that the small man avoids is not difficult for her. There is no problem of being very short at all, but it wears a fashionable and sophisticated effect. It is worth learning from small children, and it is also slightly good to warm in winter.

Half of the winter only found that the long down jacket is still so foreign, Zhang Shaohan’s shape is quite beautiful, in the cold winter down jacket is the existence of cold can not be less, and many small children, in order to wear the effect of showing high leg length, usually choose a very delicate short model.

Although it is very in line with the matching skills of the upper short and the lower length, for people in northern cities, the warmth is much worse than the long model. It has basically become a consensus that small people cannot wear long coats. Zhang Shaohan, on the other hand, did the opposite, wearing a light gray long down jacket with a delicate small belt, and the atmospheric wind was very aura, which anyone of any figure could easily control.

When choosing a long down jacket, be sure to stay away from the silhouette version items that have been popular in recent years, which seem to hide flesh and show thinness is actually very fashionable, but it is very depressing for small people.

Therefore, the slim fit can effectively enhance the neatness of the shape, and can also better avoid the problem of bloated and fat. Like Zhang Shaohan’s down jacket, the cut and fit line are simple and smooth, thus playing the role of longitudinal stretching and height. Among the practical skills of showing height, creating a waistline is a key point.

In the shape of the long down jacket, adding a belt to match can also play a role in modifying the figure, and you can also use the effect of the high waist line to balance the disadvantages of height, wear the visual sense of long legs, and naturally easily show ten centimeters taller from the visual point of view.

In addition to the style of the down jacket and the choice of accessories, the inner layer is also a very key point, and you must remember the matching skills of tight inside and loose outside to avoid the problem of bloated and dragging out.

The light-colored jacket has a strong sense of brightness, combined with the all-black underwear to bring a strong visual impact, showing a steady and imposing atmosphere, but also making the look look more handsome.

At the same time, the use of different styles of mixing and matching can naturally avoid wearing a very passerby feeling. Like Zhang Shaohan directly paired with a pair of very textured high boots, which can not only highlight the advantages of slender legs, but also avoid the problem of heavy feet. For small people, winter styling is better to value the lightness under the feet, neat and delicate, not to mention more tall figure.

No matter what style of wear, accessories can play a very important role. The matching of the belt has made the look attractive enough, and the matching of the hat has also played a role in the icing on the cake. The light-colored beret adds a lot of feminine elements to the look, which naturally reduces the age and also makes the face look more delicate and small.

No matter whether women of any size wear long down jackets, they cannot ignore the presentation of body proportions. In addition to the innovative way to wear a belt, wearing it openly is also a way to avoid being fat and tall.

Use the vertical strip on the chest to appear thin and tall, even if you choose a slightly looser style underneath, you don’t have to worry about wearing a very fat effect. And the inner layer should also pay attention to the creation of the waistline, using the strong contrast brought by the long jacket, it will also make the legs look more slender. The light-colored underwear brings a strong sense of brightness, which will make the winter look more refreshing and clean.

The matching technique of upper and shorter and lower length is more suitable for women with weak fashion sensitivity, which can not only make the body proportion look more perfect, but also reduce the difficulty of styling. Bright colors are used on the upper body, which can also play a role in lifting the center of gravity, making it easy to wear tall and slender.