Tropical Cyclone “Enati” passed through Mauritius All schools were closed on the 21st

On February 21, local time, affected by Tropical Cyclone “Enati”, the Mauritius government required all schools in the territory to suspend classes, which is expected to resume on the 22nd, and the airport also suspended flights in and out for a while.

△ “Enati” transited through Mauritius

Tropical Cyclone “Enati” passed through Mauritius at 16 o’clock local time on the 20th, and the Mauritius Meteorological Bureau issued a gale and rainstorm warning on the same day, and the warning lasted until the 21st. “Enati” brought violent storms to the area, with winds of up to 90 kilometers per hour and waves of up to 5 meters at sea. In some areas, trees were blown down by the wind and road traffic was blocked. The meteorological department reminded the population to reduce going out and banned going to sea. No casualties have been reported. (Xue Jing, reporter of the main station)

Source: CCTV News Client