Present a whole house lamp purchase guide, 8 areas as this selection, no need to scratch your ears and cheeks

A few days ago, I introduced the skills of soft decoration matching, and some friends said that as soon as they came to buy lamps, they scratched their ears and scratched their cheeks and didn’t know how to choose the whole house… Well, then today we will talk about the purchase and matching of lamps, and the strategy is provided! The old rule is still according to the various spaces in the home.

01 Entrance

The entrance space is small, and in addition to the regular downlight, you can also choose a lamp with a sense of design.

1. Small chandelier

Small chandeliers that match the style can make the entrance space more vibrant.

2. Wall lamp

The small wall lamp fixed to the wall can also realize the function of entrance lighting.

3. Light line

The shoe cabinet is suspended and a light line is installed below to illuminate more fully.

If it is on the wall, it can also create a three-dimensional sense of space.

The lighting of the entrance does not need to be too bright, it is recommended that the illuminance of the entrance be between 100-200Lux, and the color temperature is below 3000; Considering energy saving, bulbs can choose energy-saving lamps or LED lamps.

02 Living room

The types of lamps commonly used in the living room can be said to be the most common in the home.

1. Chandeliers

In the main lamp design, the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling often plays the main lighting function, of course, the appearance value cannot be low.

2. Track lights

Often used in designs without main lights, the simple track can also be used as a decoration to enrich the ceiling space.

3. Wall lamp

The wall behind the sofa can be increased by the wall lamp design.

4. Floor lamp

Floor lamps can be used as lighting tools or as ornaments.

5. Light line

The light line can make the space more designed, and can also be used as an ambient light to set the atmosphere of the space.

6. Spotlight

For places where focus is required, spot lighting can be selected.

Although there are many types of lamps that can be selected in the living room, it is not necessary to choose all of them, and you can choose 2-3 types according to your needs.

03 Restaurant

In the creation of dining atmosphere, restaurant lamps and lanterns are indispensable, and there are two commonly used:

A hanging light source illuminates food up close, creating a sense of warmth in dining.

PS: When choosing a restaurant chandelier, you can choose according to the shape of the dining table, if it is a round table, you can choose a lamp with a rounded shape; If it is a long table, it can be used with angular or rounded or linear lamps.

2. Light line

Lighting lines embedded in walls or ceilings greatly increase the sense of artistry of the space.

Restaurant lighting can choose warm light, which will make food more appetizing, in addition, the height of the chandelier should also be paid attention to, about 75cm from the table.

If the restaurant is a coherent space, you can also refer to the figure below to choose this integrated strip light ▽ super design!!! It is very suitable for modern style, simple style, minimalist style and other design styles!

04 Kitchen

The kitchen lighting should not be a ceiling lamp, it is recommended to increase the countertop accent lighting, it is very simple, use the light line or strip light can be.

1. Light line

It can be installed flush at the bottom of the hanging cabinet.

2. Strip light

This strip light can also be inductive or rechargeable, suitable for later installation.

3. Chandeliers

Add a set of chandeliers to the kitchen bar area, and the sense of atmosphere comes out at once.

05 bedrooms

The lighting in the bedroom can directly affect the rest comfort of the residents.

In addition to the chandelier in the middle of the top, the bedside in the bedroom can also choose a small chandelier as a bedside lamp.

Not only can wall lamps be installed on both sides of the bedside, but if there is a bay window, you can also add one to the side of the bay window.

3. Floor lamp

The floor lamp can be used as a wall lamp at the head of the bed.

Local lighting can also be achieved in the corner at the end of the bed:

4. Light line

The bedside background wall and under the bed can be installed with light wires, taking into account the sense of atmosphere and practicality. You can choose the form of induction, and it will automatically light up at night!

When purchasing bedroom lamps, it is recommended to choose dimming and adjust the light, cooling and heating according to specific use needs.

06 Bathroom

The lighting of the bathroom is mainly divided into two parts, the top light source and the mirror front light, if the area is large, you can also add a small chandelier or light line to play the role of an ambient light.

1. Mirror front light

Wash and dress, mirror headlights are more fully illuminated.

2. Small chandelier

It can be installed next to the sink or next to the bathtub.

Since the bathroom is relatively humid and there is more moisture in the air, everyone pays attention to waterproofness when purchasing.

07 balcony

The choice of lamps for the balcony needs to be based on the usage scenario.

1. Downlight

Undertake the main lighting function of the balcony, occupy a small space, and do not affect the drying of the balcony.

If the balcony has a bar, you can add a small chandelier to create a sense of atmosphere.

If the balcony is used as a reading area, a special reading wall lamp can be added.

08 stairs

Duplex, villa staircase area, suitable for chandelier design.

The simple track lights installed in the staircase area are also very interesting.

Since the choice of lamps is closely related to the style of the overall space, if you really don’t know how to choose, you can consider more simple style lamps, which are more versatile. You can also choose under the guidance of the designer~

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2. Wall lamp

2. Wall lamp

1. Chandeliers

1. Chandeliers

1. Chandeliers

2. Track lights