Don’t rush to change your clothes in the new season, teach you to create a spring variety with a black sweater, super practical

Changing seasons and new clothes is the habit of most people, but in early spring, the weather has not completely warmed up, and winter clothes can continue to come in handy. For example, a black sweater for each hand, as long as you learn to match, you can also wear a variety of styles in the spring, save effort and money, and easily wear a sense of fashion. In this issue, we will teach you how to create a spring variety outfit with a black sweater, super practical, let’s learn together!

Black sweater + A-line skirt

Slim semi-turtleneck black sweater, in winter many people will be used as an undershirt, and in spring, we can use it as a coat, the slim fit is very close to the figure, looks very elegant and capable and not feminine, the bottom with a large skirt A-line skirt or pleated skirt, forming a “narrow upper and lower width” modeling effect, the thin effect is very good, and with handsome boots or casual daddy sneakers, simple and neat, beautiful and sassy. ▼

Tight black sweater + slip dress

In spring, a silk slip dress is the best expression of femininity, so that the romance and little sexiness of the little suspender bloom low-key in the spring, not only make your outfit look more layered, but also bring out a gentle and elegant femininity. When layering a black turtleneck sweater as an underwear and a slip skirt, you must choose a slim-fit sweater so that it will not look bloated and cumbersome, and the two pieces can be layered with handsome boots to create a “maiden balance” outfit, which can be worn like this on a work date, which is very worth trying.

Black sweater + jeans

The softness and gentleness of the sweater meets the casualness of jeans, and the two pieces with different textures are particularly interesting to match together. It seems simple, but in essence, it is indeed a charming portrayal of a woman who can be beautiful and handsome. In spring, we can choose a slightly looser black sweater with white jeans, and the simple color scheme is more advanced. A skinny basic crewneck sweater can be paired with vintage, high-waisted “mom” straight-leg jeans to show off your curves and create a simple, sleek yet feminine everyday look on the street.

When the weather is not completely warm up in spring, you can also match a colorful silk scarf over the sweater, which can not only keep warm but also make the dress look more stylish, adding a layer to the originally simple sweater. The black sweater is embellished with a gentle colored silk scarf, which can better set off the skin tone and look more elegant and feminine. ▼

Black sweater + pipe pants

Working commuters who want to wear a black sweater in a light style can wear it with pipe pants. The shape of the pipe pants is relatively slim but not too tight, covering the flesh and showing thinness, and it is also friendly to imperfect legs, which is suitable for women in the workplace to create an elegant and intellectual style outfit. For a bit of a literary touch, it is recommended to layer a black sweater with a white shirt to expose the collar of the shirt, which sets off the skin tone and brings out the layering. ▼

Black sweater + printed skirt

Spring is always indispensable for romantic and poetic printed dresses. Restrained and stable black sweater, with a small and fresh style of floral skirt, both dignified and sweet girly, the top and skirt are simple and complex, but also rigid and soft, light mature girls wear it like this, elegant temperament and very age-reducing, full of spring atmosphere. ▼

Black sweater + checked skirt

The checked skirt has a retro British style, dignified and casual, and is also suitable for pairing with a simple black sweater in spring. The large check will look more dignified and atmospheric, and the colorful plaid skirt will have a brightening effect, so that the black top will not look too dull, which is also very suitable for light mature girls to create a simple and capable commuting look. ▼

A black sweater can easily create a spring variety of outfits, so don’t rush to change the season, these matching ideas are super real, I believe you will definitely use it, like the content of this issue, please like it! See you in the next issue.

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