2021 is worth buying a people-friendly new watch inventory

[Watch Home Watch Recommendation] Fast forward to the end of 2021, looking back on the new products of major brands this year, it can be described as full of sincerity. In addition to high-luxury brands, in fact, there are many watches with outstanding performance in the people-friendly price segment. They are also outstandingly designed and have an approachable price, which is more acceptable to the general public. Today, let’s take a look at what are the new products worth buying recently.

Tissot PRX series

In 1978, with the brand concept of “innovation from tradition”, TISSOT launched the brand’s first watch equipped with a “one-piece stainless steel bracelet” (a combination of bracelet, lugs and case), which was paired with a timeless barrel-shaped case. Because of its powerful functional design, the series was named “PRX” – “P” for “Precision”, “R” for “Robustness” and “X” for Roman numeral “10”, meaning the watch is water-resistant to pressures equivalent to 10 bar (100 meters). As soon as it was launched, this collection of timepieces became popular and became a trendsetting avant-garde model.

Launched in 2021, the new PRX replicates the classic details of the original on the integrated strap, using a combination of vertical brushing and polishing to make the watch feel softer. Both quartz and mechanical watches are available in blue, black and silver dial colours. In addition, the mechanical watch is decorated with a square chocolate-embossed pattern and “Automatic” engraving on the dial, and is equipped with an 80-hour power movement.

The one-piece design bracelet is undoubtedly a popular design in recent years, the case and the strap are seamlessly integrated, the side of the case and the strap are polished, the chamfer at the junction is polished, and the brushed and high-gloss effects of the strap in the light shine together, this design is favored by many luxury sports steel watches. In addition to the automatic mechanical movement, the PRX series is also available in quartz models, and the price is only RMB 2800, which is a more cost-effective choice. (Model number: T137.407.11.041.00, price: 5250 yuan)

Certina Diving Elements DS PH200M

In the 1960s and 1970s, Certina proved the durability of its timepieces through a series of high-profile research projects and expeditions. These journeys not only send the brand’s timepieces to dizzying heights, but also send them to the unfathomable depths of the ocean. This experience inspired the brand to develop a new timepiece for underwater life, the DS PH200M.

As early as 2018, Certina reproduced the legendary diver’s watch, using the same aluminium chronograph ring and acrylic crystal as the historical model. Although the degree of restoration is there, there is a compromise on durability. To fill this regret, the new DS PH200M has been upgraded with a black PVD coating on the basis of the 42.8 mm diameter of its predecessor, and replaced the bezel and crystal with more scratch-resistant ceramic and sapphire materials.

The classic look combined with excellent quality, especially the addition of a ceramic bezel and a sapphire crystal, make the watch even more durable. The current price of the watch is 6800 yuan, as one of the few diver’s watches in the same price range to use a ceramic bezel, combined with the practical Powermatic-80 long power movement, the new DS PH200M has a high price-performance ratio. (Model: C036.407.36.050.00, Price: 6800 RMB)

Mido Commander Gradient semi-transparent long kinetic energy fully automatic mechanical watch

The Mido Commander collection dates back to 1959 and is inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With its tough shape design and simple and atmospheric dial shape, it has gained a number of loyal supporters in more than half a century of development. It combines the grandeur and elegance of formal watches with a full sense of movement. Whether you wear formal or casual wear, it can do it well.

The Mido Commander Gradient Translucent Long Kinetic Energy Watch uses a black PVD stainless steel case with brushed sides for a dull and wear-resistant character. With a case diameter of 40 mm, this classic size is comfortable to wear and is currently the most popular gauge for men’s watches. Compared with the previous generation, the biggest change of the new commander is the use of a gradient semi-sheer dial, the smoke-gray dial surface is graded from the center to the edge of the dial, and the looming movement structure reveals a touch of mystery, making the overall design of the watch full of sense.

Continuing the classic design of the Commander series for more than half a century, the addition of a new black PVD stainless steel case and a gradient semi-sheer dial has injected more fresh blood into the watch. As a new trend of design in recent years, the semi-transparent gradient has a mysterious and deep texture, looming mechanical beauty, and blurred edges between the movement and the disc, all of which make the watch have a high playability. (Model: M021.407.37.411.00, Price: 7700 RMB)

Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H

Hamilton’s thin prototype comes from the Chronograph A/B chronograph born in 1968, and the biggest feature of this historical watch is the “panda disc” design. The original intention of the design is to enhance the contrast of the dial, so that the wearer can observe the time more clearly and intuitively, and has won the praise of many cousins with its high appearance and high recognition, becoming a classic of the brand.

In 2021, Hamilton presented us with a new H-Matic Chronograph H inspired by the historical Chronograph A/B. The new watch features a 40 mm diameter and a clear, sharp case with a full, smooth texture that is naturally smooth and connected to the angular lugs. The ranging scale is the same color as the disc, and the movement has been replaced by the Cal.H-51 manual winding movement, which is in the same way as historical classics and has a unique flavor of watches from the 60s.

Compared with the high-end luxury brand “Panda Disc”, the Hamilton H-type chronograph has a very high cost performance, both in the exterior shape and the built-in movement. Speaking of movements, it is necessary to mention that the movement of this watch is also the only movement that is wound manually among several models, which is consistent with the historical Chronograph A/B and has a high degree of reproduction. But for friends who prefer self-winding movements, the previous generation of thin automatic chronographs is also a good choice. (Model: H3842971, Price: 15450 yuan)


Tissot, Certina, Mido, Hamilton, as the four most popular people-friendly brands, their new products always attract attention. The four watches listed above are the main products of their respective brands of the year, and with their outstanding design and approachable prices, I believe they will become your ideal choice for buying watches. (Photo/text Watch Home Xiao Feng)