Autumn bat sweater jacket to cover thick arms and show thinness!

Bat shirt sweater jacket wear simple thick arms, the shape is easy to look thin Oh, autumn bat sweater jacket jacket share with everyone Oh ~~~

Korean style

Very Han Fan’s bat sweater jacket Oh, super suitable for slightly cool autumn Oh, the design of the bat sleeve hides the thick arm, making MM thinner in a second ~~




Autumn bright yellow bat shirt, especially lined with white skin, rhinestone embellishment, making the dress more high-grade, with a short skirt is very good, ladylike style exudes ~~~

Elegant style

Red autumn bat sweater jacket, paired with versatile black clothing, especially elegant and short skirt Oh, black dress is a good choice, the whole look has become so elegant ~~

Casual and lazy

Autumn is to give people a very natural and lazy feeling Oh, this casual lazy bat sweater jacket, and then suitable for autumn is good, the personality of the bat shirt covers the thick arms, making MM thin ~~


Sweet and versatile

Batshirt sweater short jacket, very versatile fit Oh, simple underwear can be done, let you wear this autumn especially sweet ~~




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