Children’s clothing tasting: skirt-style fleece leggings

Spring in Jinan is short, the temperature is maintained at about 10-15 degrees, sometimes it can reach 20 degrees Celsius, and every time the temperature rises to a high level, it will usher in a cooling down to about 10 degrees. At this time, Xi Bao, who is in kindergarten, still has to wear plush leggings. I pay attention to two points when choosing clothes for my children: First, the fabric is as pure cotton as possible, and it is comfortable and will not have cumbersome decorations. Simple and stylish. The second is to try to be branded, small brands can be. No need to pursue too tall, famous brand.

Recently, I saw a skirt-style plush leggings. Now most of the children’s tops are short, and the pants are skirt-style, which looks up and down decently, simple and fashionable. I chose a coffee color, and the top was light, layered and focused. The right leg is decorated with letters on one side and a first-class Su embellishment on the left to complement each other. The long pile inside is very soft, just suitable for this season, the edge of the clothes must be soft, not hard, otherwise the children are very uncomfortable to wear. Take a look at the previous picture, let’s exchange clothes.