Fashionable and retro embroidered shoes appeared on the stage, highlighting national characteristics and matching square dance

Today’s embroidered shoes are no longer the earthy and tacky image in our eyes, and now in the era of popular retro, these embroidered shoes can better reflect national characteristics.

Old Beijing vintage embroidered shoes

Yunnan embroidered shoes, the pointed toe elements combine fashion and classics, full of ethnic style elements, the upper foot is super soft Oh.

Beijing embroidered cloth shoes

Old Beijing ethnic embroidered cloth shoes, suitable for spring and summer, comfortable and breathable and not stuffy feet, sending mom is also a good choice.

Shallow fashion embroidered shoes

Shallow flat mom shoes, sending mom to grandma are good choices, embroidery elements are full of fashion and classical charm.

Chinese-style embroidered shoes

The retro national style is combined with Chinese style, and there is also an inner heightened yo, and the aunt who likes to dance square dance, dance and dance to your heart’s content.

Ethnic style embroidered shoes

The simple embroidery pattern is not only a good embellishment, but also not monotonous, shallow and comfortable and not tired feet, ethnic embroidered lazy shoes, do not pick people.

Embroidered shoes with beef tendon sole

The fabric of linen is comfortable and breathable, the upper foot is not stuffy, the Oxford soft sole, the comfortable interior, it is almost tailor-made.

One-line button-up embroidered shoes

The embroidered shoes also incorporate the element of a slotted buckle Oh, the color is very fashionable, it is not picky to wear, and the upper foot is superb.

Lace embroidered shoes

Big red has a very ethnic feeling, square dancing is very suitable, and it is super comfortable and considerate to wear, and it is not tiring at all.