Want a minimalist wardrobe from one door to the top? After reading these details, let your whole house be customized without overturning

Regarding the wardrobe, it seems that there are always endless topics and endless knowledge. Recently, I found that many friends left messages asking questions

“Do you want the wardrobe to be topped?”

, Let’s talk about this problem today, and by the way, expand the conversation about the custom wardrobe


Should the wardrobe be topped?

The answer is: yes!

Because the “one cabinet to the top” design still has great advantages:

1. Say goodbye to the embarrassing vacancy above the cabinet,

Eliminate hygiene dead ends with one click

; At the same time, cut off the possibility of piling up debris on the top of the cabinet,

Avoid the birth of “utility rooms” from the source

to keep the space tidy at all times.


Make full use of the longitudinal wall surface to increase storage capacity

, divide different storage areas according to needs, so that daily storage becomes an art.

3. The door of the top cabinet is completed in one go,

The spatial structure is more complete

, tall and simple design makes the living room atmosphere appear spacious and bright, such a visual effect,

It is unattainable by the finished wardrobe

Custom wardrobe pricing reference

The custom furniture is very deep, the pricing is chaotic, and different brands have presses

Projection area calculation

of, there are presses

Expand Area Calculation


If calculated according to the projection area, the projection area = the total length × the total height of the cabinet, and the cost = projection area × unit price

Example: Let’s say on the market

The unit price of the wardrobe is 1000 yuan/㎡

, and your home should be 2.28m wide × 2.78m high (

The projection area is 6.3384㎡

The wardrobe, that you customize the wardrobe

Fee = 6.3384㎡× 1000 yuan/㎡=6338.4 yuan

If pressed

The projection area quotation is the price of the cabinet + cabinet door together, if you use a better domestic plate, the average price is within 1000 yuan / ㎡.

But in fact, the money you have to spend is far more than a thousand yuan per square meter!

On top of the basic quote, there are many additions:

Clothes rails (commonly known as clothes links), partitions, drawers, drawer tracks, trouser racks, rotating shoe racks, lamps, these accessories are the points where merchants make money.

Custom wardrobe size reference

(1) Custom wardrobe appearance design standards:

Swing door wardrobe depth

(including doors)

: 550-600mm, in case of special circumstances, the minimum can be 520mm, flexible according to the actual situation

(Special reminder: hanger width 400-450mm)

Sliding doors wardrobe depth

: 600-650mm, most companies on the market standard design is 600mm deep

(No matter how small you are, you can’t hang your clothes, because the slide rail will occupy 80-100mm)

Wardrobe top cabinet height: 500-600mm is the best; The height of the lower cabinet is generally 2150mm or less. Door panel width: generally 400-450mm is the best, solid wood door panel width can be 600mm, according to the height of the wardrobe

(Mainly consider whether the door panel is easy to deform and its aesthetics)

Wardrobe sliding door width: the width of each door is 700-1000, if you want to do more than 1000 can also be, according to the door panel style, material and overall proportion

(Generally, it is not recommended to make it too wide, except for glass sliding doors)

(2) Customized internal design standards:

Long coat area height: 1300-1450mm; Height of medium and long coat area: 1100-1300mm; Short clothing area height: 850-1100mm; The width is designed according to the actual situation, and the range is best between 400-1000mm.

Stacking area height: 350-450mm,

If you put the suitcase, it is designed according to the size of the trunk.

Trouser rack / multi-bager height: the height of the bottom plate of the trouser hanger is: 650-800mm; Custom trouser rack / Dobagel height: 100-120mm

(If you don’t want to do customization, you can purchase finished products)

Drawer height: inner drawer height: 150-180mm, outer drawer height: 180-220mm, width 400-800mm is best.

The height of the top of the drawer from the ground is preferably less than 1250mm, especially the room of the elderly should be considered within 1000mm, which is more convenient to use.

(including doors)