HTML5 web embedded swf player code

As a novice establishment of a free, capacity and space is subject to a host of free space and give you the processing power, to install their own relatively large video site program is not possible. How can we solve problems with video playback site it?

You may wish to try to insert the following code in the page!

// address Player

// IE browser

embed> // advanced browser



Flvplayer.swf parameters Details:

vcastr_file Method 2 movie passes flv file address parameters, multiple use | separate empty

vcastr_title movie title parameters, multiple use | separated, and the method used in conjunction with 2 empty

Method 3 vcastr_xml transfer movie flv file address parameters, the model reference vcastr.xml

IsAutoPlay autoplay parameter: 0 means no auto-play, 1 autoplay 0

IsContinue continuous movie playback parameters: 0 means no continuous playback, 1 broadcast a continuous loop 1

IsRandom movie Shuffle parameter: 0 means no shuffle, shuffle represents 1 0

DefaultVolume default volume parameters: the value from 0 to 100, the default volume setting film begins 100

BarPosition control bar position parameter: 0 indicates floating display on the video, 1 denotes a display film below 0

IsShowBar control bar display parameters: 0 means the display; 1 represents always displayed; 2 represents hover display; 3 indicates the start is not displayed, the display 2 hover

BarColor playback control bar color, the colors are starting with 0x hexadecimal numbers indicate 0x000033

BarTransparent playback control bar transparency 60

GlowColor button icon color, color begins with 0x 16 hexadecimal numbers represent 0x66ff00

Glow colors, colors are starting with 0x hexadecimal numbers indicate 0xFFFFFF when IconColor hover

TextColor player text color and color, starting with 0x hexadecimal numbers indicate 0xFFFFFF

LogoText can add your own website name and other information (in English) empty

LogoUrl logo image can be read from the outside, pay attention to your logo to adjust the size, supported image formats and swf format empty

After EndSwf video playback, read swf file from an external, you can add information related to movie information, such as video sharing, you need to produce their own space

Before BeginSwf movie starts playing, reading from the external swf file, you can add the ad or website information, the need to produce their own space

IsShowTime whether to show time: 0 means no time display, 1 to show time 1

BufferTime video buffer time unit (in seconds) 2