Finally, before marrying his wife, he started his first two-channel audio combination, AE100+YAMAHA

The first set of sound is right in front of you! I really like music and watching movies, but I don’t have much research, compared with the seniors in the headlines, I’m just a passerby, woo-woo…

But as long as there is time, the music will never leave the ear. Just such a hobby, buy a better set of audio, and make audiophiles, it should be a good investment.

The original speaker and amplifier were all scraped from my father, at least more than 20 years old, and I don’t know what brand it is.


Horn packing carton

The packaging is good, it is safe and stable, but I’m going to start undressing you, hehe!

Although it is not the first time to see, it is still amazing, the arc line jumps out of the previous square speaker shape, and the matte white texture is really very noble!

Behind, a long bass bar is inverted to the hole, not the general circle, and then the point comes, the origin is Malaysia.

This is my old speaker

The face mesh is designed with magnets, and there are no holes in the nylon buckle on the speaker, which looks simple and clean.

The modern AE100 gives the whole room a taste, so I’ll put the AE100 on the old speakers for the time being.

Next, the amplifier is YAMAHA’s combined amplifier R-N303

The brand is the brand, although the packaging is simple, but the black and white match is very textured. The inside is the focus, but it can be seen from this that the brand’s attention to its products from the inside out is eye-catching.

Elegant and noble, but also a bit retro!

Well, let’s hear it.


After listening to a few models, I chose it myself, the appearance is low-key and simple OK, and the sound quality is OK! Moreover, I am used to listening to large boxes, and this time I heard that small speakers can also produce such sound and sound quality, which is really beyond my original expectations.

Listening to vocals, lyrical songs, high frequencies, mid-frequencies are very beautiful, will not feel particularly rushed, noisy, sound very comfortable. It turned out that I was afraid that the heavy rhythm of the small speaker listening to electronic music would not be strong enough, but the low frequency that AE100 should have is not less, when listening to electronic music, the low frequency is very enough, if you listen to high-quality music, the performance must be great.

Although the higher-grade AE300 sound quality must be better, I have satisfied the entry AE100.

Power amplifier:

I chose the Japanese brand YAMAHA, and after comparison, I found that although there are relatively low-cost amplifiers in Europe, there is no music wireless transmission function. Some are particularly expensive.

IN SHORT, THE YAMAHA N303 IN ADDITION TO BLUETOOTH, CAN ALSO CONNECT TO THE NETWORK TO USE AIRPLAY. In the future, I want to listen to vinyl when Wen Qing, N303 can also connect to vinyl turntable, and his appearance is also very high. I love the beautiful amplifier!

I hope that this unprofessional unboxing article can get the guidance of all the seniors, thank you!