Hand-knitted DIY: Hand-knitted hats and shawls, which look warm and have simple stitching

Figure 1

As the weather cooled, hats, gloves, and scarves became more important. Although there are now abundant items, everything you need, move your fingers, you can buy very beautiful styles online without leaving the door, but somehow, I still love hand-woven items, probably nostalgic.

Figure II

I like to read the Japanese knitting books, these hand-woven works in the book, thick, warm, although not fancy, but with a quiet, natural, simple and generous beauty in it.

Although European and American knitting books are also very beautiful, but some styles and designs, not very in line with the temperament and aesthetics of Asians, even if the stitch style can meet the requirements of the original, wear to the body, but always feel that there is something incongruous.

Figure III

In the time that slipped away, some people gave time to TV, games, small talk, shopping, and flashy socialization… Weaver girls who love handicrafts enjoy their own good time in the flying needle threading, experiencing the joy of creation and the joy of full of achievement.

Figure IV

When I see the blanket in picture four above, I remember those times when I was a child.

When I was a child, I saw adults crochet, and I thought it was beautiful and magical, and I liked it very much. Watch them hook pieces of sunflowers, weave rabbit ears hats, knit washboard necks, see pieces of sunflowers connected, and then hook lace is a beautiful pattern small blanket, and the rainbow scarf woven with various colors of thread is not generally beautiful!

Figure V

Figure VI

Wool can be woven not only into sweaters, scarves, gloves, but also into bags. In the cold winter, does it feel warm to hold a bag that you knitted by yourself?

Figure VII

The triangle shawl is probably a favorite clothing of the Mori women, whether it is draped over the shoulders, around the neck, or tied on the head to protect from the wind and cold, it is chic and cute.

As shown in picture 7 above, this triangle shawl can be matched with skirts, coats, and turtlenecks, as long as the color is right, it is really a versatile masterpiece.

Figure VIII

As shown in Figure 8 above, just weaving a large woolen coil coil has three uses. You can use it twice as a headband, you can wrap it twice as a neckband, and you can also put it loosely around your neck as a scarf, which is really three things.

This kind of woolen hat with a hairball on top, I believe we have all worn it, it is really invincible and warm. Especially in the windy season, the hat is pulled low, protecting the ears and forehead, and a thick scarf is wrapped around the neck, so you are not afraid of wind and snow!

Take a look at these knitting styles below, is there one you like?

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