After the winter solstice, it is colder, smart women never wear skirts, down jackets + pants are comfortable and warm

Text: Xiaoju

Hi, I’m Xiaoju, let’s continue our journey of beauty~

The winter solstice is coming, which means that the coldest time of the year is coming to us, in addition to doing a good job of heating, but also pay attention to keeping warm in dressing.

As the saying goes: “3949 walking on ice”, this year’s 39 starts in January Ten, we can prepare cold-resistant items in advance, such as down jackets, plush pants, sweaters, etc.

When preparing items, we should pay attention to the style, color, length and shortness, and choose the right one according to our body type, skin color and preferences.

Generally speaking, simple basic models will be easier to match, just like pixel color sweaters, the outside and the inside will not look fancy, wear for a few years will not feel outdated, today to the sisters to share a few groups of dressing demonstration, three nine four nine cold weather will not freeze, let’s take a look ~

Down jacket + micro-flared pants

Cold weather down jacket is naturally a regular item in the wardrobe, and the sisters who are not tall recommend choosing a down jacket of the right length, which cannot be long or short.

The down jacket of the length of the hip position can still be considered, it will not be very cold, but also effectively help us cover the cold wind, so that the thigh position will not feel cold, the waist adopts a waist tie design, better fit the waist, the warmth effect is better, the bottom is selected with slightly flared small black pants, simple and neat and particularly stylish.

Bread suit + harem pants

The shape of the bread suit, tall people wear slender, short sisters will not look bloated when worn, the only thing to pay attention to is that the shape of the bread suit should be simple and neat.

The design of the solid color bread suit neck standing collar, you can button up the collar when you go out, the windproof effect is particularly good, the design of the placket is also very convenient to put on and take off, and wearing a simple sweater inside will not feel cold, and we can choose pure black corduroy harlan pants to modify the figure and look very elegant.

Coat + small black pants

The fur coat is preferred by most sisters in winter, and the furry texture always makes people feel warm, as long as they are picked properly, they are not picky at all.

Coffee-colored fur integrated coat, large lapels full of fur, texture is very good and comfortable, the outer layer is made of genuine leather, the warmth and windproof effect instantly doubles, such a coat in the three nine four nine weather, wearing a black turtleneck undershirt inside to keep warm and foreign, the bottom chooses slim small black pants + leather boots, super foreign and reduce age.

Sweater + wide-leg pants

It is no exaggeration to say that the indispensable item in winter must be a sweater, whether it is thin or thick, it can be seen everywhere in winter, durable and versatile.

Although there are many sweaters, but we must distinguish those suitable for single wear, which are suitable for bottoming, like this kind of twist sweater with lapels, more suitable for single wear, the design of the neck three buttons is to facilitate wearing and taking off, we can wear a simple white T inside is also very good-looking, the bottom chooses loose wide-leg pants to match, the feeling of leisurely and comfortable is instantly reflected.

Coat + wide-leg pants

The long coat will be more advanced than the short one, and the warmth effect is better, because the long one can wrap our body well, only exposing the calf position, so sisters who are afraid of cold can consider the long one.

Pure black fur integrated coat, the inside of the coat is made of white velvet, the warmth effect is good and will not look pompous, the material of the leather outside has a sense of premium, and it is not a problem to wear it in and out of any occasion, with a simple sweater + loose wide-leg jeans, casual and very artistic.

Down jacket + wide-leg pants

In winter, we need to wear comfortable and warm outfits, and the tight pieces are a bit restrained on the body, so most sisters choose commuter clothes.

The beige hooded down jacket is simple and neat, the whole body has no extra decorations, we wear a pink sweatshirt to reduce age and freshness when wearing, the bottom chooses loose light gray wide-leg pants to match, the height ratio is also thin, this kind of outfit will not be very complicated, more suitable for daily life.

Today I will share it here first, and the sisters who like it remember to collect, maybe you can turn it out when you don’t have the inspiration to dress.

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