How do women over 30 match a skirt? 9 sets suitable for light mature women’s dresses, simple and atmospheric

30 years old is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life, at this time women are no longer as confused as in their 20s, on the contrary, after everything seems to be settled, there is a feeling of calm and tranquility,

When the state of mind is so calm, the most important thing for a woman is to dress herself as a temperament woman, and in the summer is to wear a variety of temperament dresses, which is a good arrangement for summer.

Women in their 30s don’t have to wear bells and whistles, dress simply, like the following 9 dresses are just right, I advise you to wear them, simple and atmospheric, my husband will also appreciate it.

Let’s take a look at what styles of dresses are available.

French niche bellflower skirt polka-dot mesh dress

The little dress is full of feeling! Nai Xi heavily recommends light luxury dresses! This season’s party focus look is it! All kinds of parties, annual meetings, weddings, or afternoon tea, dinners, dates… All important occasions! Right! Don’t hesitate, this is it! No need for spotlights, with focus, make you beautiful and elegant, the female number one is you~

The round neck is well-behaved and cute, and the V-neck is intellectually elegant. The small shoulder design with tucked shoulders and slightly small puff sleeves makes it look thin and age-reducing. Cropped sleeves with small cinching sleeves, delicate and vintage. The small pleats at the waist and the large 360-degree Chao pendulum highlight the waist while maximizing the shape of the hips and thighs. Romantic ancient beauty! With the complimentary satin tin-colored tin-color waistband, you can also match it with a variety of flexible looks!

Blue Gray:

The soft water mist color gives you a hazy girly feeling, and the angel color of youth literature and art.

Navy Blue:

Big brands love to use classic colors, showing white temperament, compared to black, it adds a bit of leisure and freedom.


Classic and versatile, atmospheric and tasteful, Chao is thin, a little sexy light mature woman.

Vintage French Hepburn maiden tea break dress

The slightly slim fit cleverly plays a role in covering fat and showing thinness, the waist uses darts and small pleats, plus a bow strap design, the waist line is adjusted as a whole, improving the proportion of the body to fit the body curve, and highlighting the curvy beauty of the female waist in the shape ~

Small puff sleeves and a relatively raised neckline give an elegant French romance.

Choose a refreshing and comfortable light ash mint green stir-fried chicken for hot summers, which is the popular color of chao fire in 2020!

French bellflower skirt niche chimime dress

Very fairy French dress, wearing a gentle little sister in seconds, selected three-dimensional polka-dot jacquard fabric, very soft to the touch, light and flowing, breathability is also great, wear it in summer without worrying about stuffiness. The large fabric has a smooth texture in the weaving process, which has a little more characteristics and will not look too dull.

Polka dot printing comes with a high j three-dimensional sense, immediately throw off ordinary printing, flower polka dots a few streets, will not fade color and smudge, you can feel its difference. The slightly chubby little sister with an apple-shaped body immediately became a slim S figure when she put it on,

Because I did a broken treatment on the waist, the effect of waist highlighting and covering the flesh and showing the waist was really 100 points. The sleeves are made of lotus leaf waves flying sleeves, and the effect of covering the arms is also self-evident. The collar is also very eye-catching, and the clear color streamer panels modify the neck line and also modify the face shape

Vintage high waist white chiffon shirt dress

If you have to choose a style among dresses, it’s a shirt dress. The handsome and capable shirt and the femininity of the dress, the unpretentious temperament really makes me very water~

The light and transparent texture is very refreshing to wear on the body, and it will not be stuffy at all. The fabric is very special, and the jacquard with two kinds of stripes is woven on the chiffon base, and the opaque stripes make a satin effect, but there is a sparkling effect under the light, which is impossible to ignore

It is really a very unique personality, breaking the plainness of chiffon fabrics and making the fabric more layered and textured.

French celebrity print skinny shirt dress with a nipped-in waist

An exotic dress, full of design and fashion, simple and generous shirt lapel design, neat and stylish, to create exquisite facial features, diagonal placket single-breasted design, very personal shoulders, unique design panels make this plain shirt dress

With a unique Roman style, showing an elegant and casual style, the elements of printing enrich the visual layering, full of trendy atmosphere, with a freely adjustable belt to cinch the waist, easily outline the graceful figure, lengthen the proportions of the body, and show tall and thin

Green chiffon commute simple high-rise slim dress for slim fit

The style looks relatively simple, but simple but not simple, the low-key bean paste green color looks gentle and very temperamental, the light tone is also more attractive, the loose fit of the upper body has good inclusiveness, and the loose cuffs with the shoulder sleeves ignore the shoulder line position to modify the slender arm line

The shape of the shoulders is also very special, allowing you to expose your collarbone, very thin, the unilateral drawstring design at the waist, get rid of monotony, very detailed wrinkles can be adjusted by themselves, the wrinkled part outlines the line, lengthens the overall proportion skirt length almost to the calf,

The design of the single side split is both fashionable and easy to wear, there is no restraint between walking, and it can vaguely highlight the calf line, fashionable and sexy, and the fabric is made of polyester slim fabric with a better drape

Celebrity temperament satin peacock blue back lace-up halter dress

The highlight of this dress is the pleats at the neckline and the long streamer ties at the back of the neck, and the entire visual focus is contracted at the neck position, so that the loose hem will also look thin. High-grade water ripple dark texture

The color I chose is my favorite peacock blue, this color is a very mysterious, very advanced, rare feeling.

French vintage rustic red plaid cross V-neck balloon sleeve dress

Practical and characteristic dress, suitable for various occasions, not very bright bean red, is a very white color Oh, retro small checker, super age reduction.

The crossover V-neck design can define the neck curve well. High waist line design, super high and thin~ The back is particularly thoughtfully designed with an open back model and a conventional non-open back model, you can choose at will~

French vintage-inspired glander check suit collar waist dress

The shape of this dress is my favorite French coffee break dress! With a touch of romance and leisure, it is very elegant and indifferent with the temperament of a quiet teacher, and there is a bookish anger! Like the goddess I remembered as a child holding a book on the street! The intellect is light and mature, and what makes people unforgettable is the gentleness that looks back, which is still profound!

It is also like the light luxury celebrity in the French guo movie, with a high waist line, a small waist that is tied up, a slender body line pulled out by a long pendulum, and a suit collar, just like its own temperament, it is as gentle and angular! With the brightening of the glitter silk, the striking contrast check lined skin looks better than expected!

Burst beautiful! Easy beauty into a little fairy! Comfortable and foreign, even if your boyfriend takes pictures, you can also explode your circle of friends!