Wear a coat for the New Year, remember to wear these pairs of “high heeled boots”, fashionable and tall, comfortable and not tired feet

It’s time to wear new clothes for the New Year, and high-class coats are definitely indispensable. Wear a coat for the New Year, remember to match these pairs of “high heeled boots”, look good and look tall!

Coat + high heels

1. Solid naked boots

2. Stiletto heeled boots

3. Block-heeled boots

One: solid naked boots

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Simple and low-profile solid color boots can match well regardless of the style and length of coat, and it can be said that it is a pair of boots that can never go wrong.

The naked boot style wraps around the legs, and can be worn with thick legs and unstraight legs.

Dry goods tips

Choose according to the thickness of the leg

: Various styles of solid color naked boots with thin legs can be handled.

However, people with thick calves should avoid soft upper fabrics such as velvet and knitting

, It is easy to fold and appear cheap, not to mention, but also easy to show thick legs.

The calf is thick, suitable for choosing tough fabrics such as leather and patent leather.

Length selection based on height:

Naked boots are also available as long boots, knee boots, and short booties. This can be chosen according to height and leg length.

The tall sisters choose long boots and knee boots that are fashionable and modern, full of aura; Small people choose knee boots and boots to show their height and leg length, and one meter five can also wear one meter seven visual sense.

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Recommended collocation

Camel long coat + mid-length solid naked boots

Camel belongs to the earth color system, elegant and versatile, and you can’t go wrong with choosing a New Year’s coat. Layered with a white underwear, the upper and lower light and dark colors create the overall matching highlights, which is low-key and attractive.

With a beige skirt, the boots match the overall color, the light brown square toe design is vintage, super leg length, small people can also control the high heel boot style.

Black legged pants + brown naked boots

The coat is made of soft cashmere fabric, which drapes more than traditional tweed fabrics, which can lengthen the body line vertically and show a high temperament.

The outer width is tight on the inside and the slim black leg trousers are cropped length. Little black pants don’t have to worry about looking old-fashioned at all. With a pair of dark brown naked boots, it is layered and high-class.

Two: stiletto heeled boots

The stiletto heeled boots are delicate and modern, and they are a pair of high-heeled boots that highlight femininity. Sisters who like intellectual temperament style, light and elegant style dressing are right to choose it!

Slim-heeled high-heeled boots are suitable for slender or flat sisters, not suitable for Jimei with a slightly chubby body,

Otherwise, it will give people a sense of déjà vu that the heel will be crushed every minute.

Stiletto heeled boots should also pay attention to the height of the heel. In general, the height of the heel is most appropriate at a 45-degree angle between the sole of the foot and the parallel surface.

Of course, also pay attention to the width of the boot,

Generally, slim boots such as slightly loose boots and naked boots are most suitable for thin heels.

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Loose coat + stiletto heeled boots

The loose army-green coat is very white, more lively than black, and more resistant to dirt than white.

Waist tie wearing can reduce the bloated feeling caused by the loose fit,

With a pair of delicate and neat pointed stiletto boots, high-end and feminine, amazing!

Knowledge point: loose coats must choose a style with a neckline, buttons and pockets, otherwise it will lower the center of gravity and make us look swollen and short.

Floral skirt + coat + white boots with a stiletto heel

Little white boots are the most popular item this year, brilliant and atmospheric. With a light-colored floral skirt, it is fresh and lively, and the age reduction is 100 points! The mint green floral dress is simple on the outside and complicated on the inside with a high-end gray coat, which is as beautiful as a magazine cover.

Knowledge point: When matching coats and dresses, remember to choose the length of the coat and dress that is different,

Widening the distance between the coat and the dress makes it easier to wear a layered sense and is not easy to look bloated.

Three: block heeled boots

Block-heeled heels are stable and generous, not as feminine as stiletto boots, and blend well with pieces of various styles.

Block heeled high heeled boots are suitable for slightly fat, tall, medium-height girls, and are more inclusive of figure and height,

But small girls should try to avoid high heeled boots with too thick heels,

Easy to press height.

Of course

The heel height of block heeled boots should not be too high

, too tall is easy to give people a sense of stilts, no matter how good the body is to wear, it is easy to show old.

Block heels are not suitable for patterned boots, and the simpler the design of the boots, the easier it is to wear the temperament.

The design of the boots is too complicated and easy to look bulky.

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Red coat + block heeled booties

The red straight-leg coat is as beautiful as a blooming red rose. The top is tonal with a printed loose sweater and uses irregular tucked corners to show off the leg length.

With casual blue straight-leg pants, it reduces the pressure caused by a large area of red, and it is not easy to produce visual fatigue. A solid coat and a contrasting bottom are also a good choice. The shoe color and top echo each other, and the block heeled booties have a vintage temperament,

The colors echo each other for more detail.

Wide leg pants + block heeled boots

Fresh blue striped shirt and dark wide-leg pants are layered with a simple top. Boots and pants in the same color,

Bottoms with the same color show better results.

The combination of block heeled boots and wide-leg pants makes the temperament more calm and atmospheric. The coat is chosen in dark gray that is similar in color to the wide-leg pants, and the smooth and clean lines of the suit lapels make people more competent. Dressing like this for the New Year says you have taste!

Solid naked boots, stiletto heels, and block heels, which of these three pairs of versatile high-heeled boots is your favorite? Hurry up and pick it!

Dry goods tips

Dry goods tips

Recommended collocation

Recommended collocation