American Chinese “shoe king” died in a fire Ivanka sent a group photo to mourn: lost his best friend

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Chinese American entrepreneur Xie Jiahua (Twitter)

Overseas Network November 29 —

According to the US media “World Journal”, American Chinese entrepreneur Xie Jiahua was seriously injured in a fire and died on November 27 at the age of 46. Xie Jiahua is the founder of the American footwear e-commerce website Zappos, known as the “Internet Shoe King” by the media. After his death, Amazon founder Bezos, Yang Anze, Ivanka and other celebrities posted condolences.

Ivanka tweeted condolences (Twitter)

Ivanka and Xie Jiahua (Twitter)

According to the report, Xie Jiahua was born in December 1973 in Illinois, USA, graduated from Harvard University, and his parents are from Taiwan, China. Zappos was founded around 1999 and the company thrived, and was acquired by Amazon in 2009, and Xie announced his retirement in August after leading the company for about 20 years.

Ivanka (third from left) poses with Xie Jiahua

On November 18, while visiting his family in Connecticut, Xie Jiahua accidentally caught fire in his room and unfortunately died of his injuries. Tse never married and had no children, and despite his wealth, he lived in an RV in downtown Las Vegas and had two pet camels in the RV park community.

Tse Ka Hua’s RV (World Journal)

After Xie Jiahua’s death, Ivanka, who had been friends with him for many years, and Yang Anze, the Democratic presidential primary candidate, both publicly expressed their condolences. Ivanka tweeted on the 28th, posting a number of photos with Xie Jiahua and writing: “Condolences for the loss of my best friend Xie Jiahua.” (Overseas Network Liu Qiang)

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