What does the “Goddess Car” look like?

Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point reporter Zhang Xue

Although most men are car lovers, with the continuous rise of the number of female car owners, cars are no longer the “big toy” exclusive to men. It is undeniable that girls must first look good when buying a car. Good looks, complete functions, petite and easy to stop are the necessary conditions. When it comes to “girls’ exclusive models”, in addition to classic models such as BMW Mini, Beetle, and Polo, what new models do young and fashionable ladies love now? Just as Goddess Day is coming, the editor recommends a few for everyone~

Lynk & Co 06 SHERO

Inspired by the evolution of flowers and plants in the city, the pink and purple color scheme brings new choices for young people. Beneath the pure and elegant exterior lies endless power, which is gentle but not weak, which can easily accommodate the beauty of the journey, but also calmly stop at the end point you want to reach, and bring meticulous protection – this is the power of SHERO that belongs to you.

Spring rose pink purple color-block body – there is a delicate and charming fragrance, and there is a stubborn and unruly thorn, just like the savage growth of roses, Lynk & Co 06 draws soft and tough power plated on the body, walking in the city, shining with a confident and fearless aura, making people fall in love with your true colors, and fall in love with your excellence!

Wild plum purple contrast wheel hub – pick small wild berries during the journey, casually paint the color of the berries on the inside of the wheel hub, and instantly inject just the right “sweet” and “wild” into the wheels, making SHERO’s journey free and free.

Wild berry purple dye strip – floating roof design, with wild berry purple contrast trim, like a touch of smart dyeing, fluttering in the wind, unique charm, quicksand star with the continuous flow of light and shadow, projecting the new trend of urban trends.

Mist Cherry Blossom Wrap-Around Seat – Pink and white panels with purple stitching, the seat is ergonomically designed and covered with velvet-touch suede fabric, sinking into the wrap-around seat and counting the speed of cherry blossom falling in spring.

Lotus night light rain breathing ambient lamp – summer into the night, light rain leaning on the lotus, the sparkling in the pool, refracting the surrounding colorful color, Lynk & Co 06SHERO is equipped with 72 colors breathing ambient lamp, the light changes to reflect the throbbing of the heart, as if walking with you in the rain lotus.

Pack your tote bag as you like – sit in the cockpit, hang up the milk tea, put away the bag, put away the coat, find the lipstick on the side storage compartment to touch up the makeup, turn the storage box out the sunglasses and put them on, whether you buy and buy time, or set off for a distant place, 37 storage spaces, pack what you want, flexible and worry-free.


Yan Meng is cute, cool and fashionable, the 2022 Ora Black Cat and Ora Little Wild Cat debuted on August 14 last year, leading into the era of “fashion items”, of which the black cat is priced at 69,800 yuan – 84,800 yuan; the white cat upgraded version is priced at 71,800 yuan, and the small wildcat version is priced at 79,800 yuan – 88,800 yuan.

New meow-eye LED headlights, meow-series light luxury interior, and rich color options, easily stirring the heart of the goddess; Intelligent technology is as smart as “meow”, 17.25-inch intelligent dual-connected interactive large screen, full life cycle FOTA upgrade, two-way driving recorder and other leapfrog configurations, fully feel the convenience brought by intelligence; ORA-Enjoyment™ is perfectly integrated with the spacious space, and the “meow” type comfort can be opened with one button; There are also intimate configurations such as full-scene intelligent driving assistance system and 360° full-scene parking system, bringing a smarter, safer and easier driving experience.

As a new original modified model, the appearance of Ora Little Wildcat is more cool and radical, the original factory tide reform, Yan Ba out of the street, positioned in the new generation of trendy cool playmates. The starry front face is equipped with a cool tail wing and a waterfall tail, which is naturally sporty; The internal space is bursting with the same level, easy to lie down and win, enjoy comfort; Equipped with a 23-inch integrated screen, cool dual-screen interaction, and a sense of technology between square inches; New practical features such as cruise control, seat heating, keyless entry one-button start, center seat armrest and other practical features, equipped with 6 airbags, 360° panoramic image, FCW front collision warning, LDW lane departure warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, in addition, the high configuration is also equipped with a driving recorder; Cool driving, safety first, showing the “boyfriend power” of walking, making female users more comfortable and safer to ride.

As the original modified car of Ora, Ora’s little wildcat is positioned in the new generation of cool playmates, which are cool to take off, burst and attract attention, which is more in line with consumers’ pursuit of personalized appearance, and will become the natural FUN new favorite of young women, allowing them to release their bodies and minds without worries and go out on the street.

Chery QQ ice cream

On February 14, Chery officially said that in the second quarter of 2022, it will launch a special edition of QQ ice cream – Tao Huanxi, and the price of the standard version of QQ ice cream is 29,900 yuan – 43,900 yuan.

As a special model of QQ ice cream, the appearance of the Taole version is naturally different. First of all, the most eye-catching part must be the special painting method of pink and white. Just like the “strawberry ice cream” ice cream, it is attractive to young ladies, but also fits the cute shape of the ice cream. It is worth mentioning that the color scheme of the interior is consistent with the exterior, which is a combination of pink and white.

In terms of body details, Tao Huanxi QQ ice cream adopts a more rounded C-pillar design, and the rear glass window has a larger area than the ordinary version. In addition, the special model also adopts a customized wheel shape, and the rear wheel also has a cartoon pattern, which brings a little “childlike heart” to the new car, and there is a cartoon image made of building blocks inside, but Xiao Lei guesses that the final production version will remove these relatively fancy elements.

In terms of interior, the passenger seat of Taohuanxi QQ Ice Cream has been removed and replaced with pedals, so that rear passengers can put their legs on the pedals for a better riding experience. Therefore, the back seat is also called the “queen’s back seat”. It is reported that there is also a storage box under the feet, which can be used to store the young lady’s cosmetics and skin care products.

It has to be said that Chery, as one of the players in the micro electric vehicle market, is relatively transparent to the needs of the target group and knows how to take a personalized and customized route. In January 2022, QQ ice cream sales were close to 10,000. It can be seen that consumers’ recognition of this type of car is very high. It is not difficult to see that with the addition of the Taole Special Edition, the popularity and sales performance of QQ Ice Cream will be further improved.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.3

SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 is the first model based on the MEB platform, positioned as a compact hatchback pure electric vehicle, with an official price range of 159,888 yuan to 173,888 yuan.

The appearance of the ID 3 has both the usual design of new energy models and its own characteristics. Pikachu style looks cute, I believe many girls will see each other at a glance. The smooth body lines stretch the entire stance, and the short front and rear overhangs also free up the interior space. The full and rounded shape of the front face, with the IQ.Light matrix LED headlight group on both sides, as well as the through-type LED light strip and the embellishment of the luminous brand logo, the sense of fashion and recognition are very good.

The interior of the ID 3 is both practical and technological. The white shining gold interior looks very luxurious, and with the white steering wheel, it is definitely suitable for young ladies who love cleanliness. The simple and layered central control layout, composed of a 5.3-inch LCD instrument cluster and a 10-inch floating LCD screen, a variety of color splicing matching, and 30-color ambient lights composed of ID.Light light language system ensure that the driving experience is the best in the same price and high-end luxury.

Of course, the most powerful thing about the ID3 is the MEB platform, which has created its high-quality models. 1500 MPa of hot-stamped steel selected to create a safety cage body; 338 battery safety verifications have undergone multiple tests before they can be officially put into production; The 360° battery armor package with aluminum beam protects the side of the battery, and the full robot installation, automatic tightening bolts, and automatic installation greatly improve the quality stability; More than a million kilometers of road durability tests have also been tested for reliability. Even before the new car leaves the factory, it is necessary to deodorize the “sauna” and remove the odor through high temperature to ensure that the interior air is fresh and not pungent.

At the same time, the ID 3 is a compact hatchback with a rear-drive motor layout that focuses on handling. Equipped with a 170-horsepower motor, the acceleration of 100 kilometers is as low as 6.8 seconds, and it has the title of “electric version of Golf”, which can fully meet the daily power needs of girls.

BYD dolphins

BYD Dolphin is the first model of the marine car series, and it is also the first model built with the design concept of “marine aesthetics”, the first model to use BYD’s new LOGO, and the first model based on BYD’s e platform 3.0.

BYD’s dolphin cute design personality is stylish, its exterior silhouette is distinctive and vibrant, the interior lines are smooth and soft, and the bold color combination and clever details give people a wonderful feeling of swimming in the marine world.

The dolphin is equipped with a 12.8-inch adaptive rotating suspension pad, which has a larger screen-to-body ratio, making watching videos and chasing dramas more enjoyable. The DiLink 3.0 intelligent network connection system adopts a new UI design and realizes the interconnection of the account system, allowing the seamless connection of mobile phones and vehicles, and achieving the full integration of people-vehicles-society-life scenarios. Mobile phone NFC car key and VTOL discharge black technology give life more intelligent experience.

New Mercedes C

On November 5th, the new long-wheelbase C-class car, with its C-position appearance, C-position wisdom, and C-position driving into your comfort zone, appeared in Jinan with a new attitude. The new model is divided into three models, with prices ranging from CNY 325,200 to CNY 369,200.

As Mercedes-Benz’s most popular model of the past decade, each generation of the C-Class has leapfrogged the ranks with extraordinary strength, constantly setting new standards in luxury and comfort. 39 years of Xinghui history has created today’s fifth-generation C-class car. The trust of 10.5 million users worldwide is the strongest proof of its C-position strength.

C position appearance: the elegant posture that simplifies the complex, the dynamic front face full of stars, and the design concept of “sensibility and purity” trigger extreme comfort for the senses.

64-color ambient lighting, the largest combination of dual large screens in its class, including a high-resolution central touchscreen with a floating design, makes the entire interior space dreamlike.

C-bit intelligence: The new long-wheelbase C-Class is equipped with AR real-world navigation that combines virtual instructions and real-life road conditions, even in unfamiliar cities.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with a number of intelligent driving black technologies such as active brake assist system, active lane change assist system, and intelligent pilot steering distance limiting function, making smart driving safer.

C-position driving: The new long-wheelbase C-Class has 7 exclusive Chinese rear luxury additions, like the same headrest as the S-Class, more spacious rear legroom and “Refreshing the Mind” function, comfortable driving, details win.

In addition, the inline four-cylinder engine of the newly equipped M254 has five outstanding dynamic performances, including quiet, shun, provincial, intelligent and energetic. Integrated ISG starter generator for faster acceleration response. Thanks to leading engine technology, the new long-wheelbase C-Class is able to respond quickly in a wide range of challenging road conditions.


On November 1, GAC AION’s “100,000-class first-class science and technology class” AION Y ushered in the new launch of the 2022 model and landed on the beach. The 2022 AION Y will launch a total of 7 models in three endurance versions, 410km, 500km and 600km, and the official guidance price after subsidies is 109,600 yuan to 157,600 yuan.

Since its launch in April last year, AION Y’s sales have grown explosively, topping the sales of A-class smart SUVs in the first month of listing, and reaching the milestone of exceeding 10,000 monthly orders in only half a year after its launch, and demand continues to exceed supply.

The upgrade changes of the 2022 AION Y mainly focus on two aspects: appearance and intelligence. AION Y attracts countless fans with the versatile shape of Sky City, and diversified customization solutions, so that each model is a limited edition and is known as a “modified god car”. The 2022 AION Y once again brought surprises in the exterior color of the body, adding two special car colors, “Star Green” and “Ice Rose”, so that the variety of tide has a richer choice. At the same time, the “Dream World” theme has been added to the interior, highlighting the self-defined protagonist model.

In terms of intelligent technology, the “100,000-level technology first class” has achieved “re-upgrade” – the 2022 AION Y series is equipped with a unique IBCM senseless start in the same class as standard, which is automatically unlocked near the door, powered on when you get on the car, drive when you hang up, lazy mode, smooth operation; There is also a guard from the car, and the window will automatically close when it rains, bringing all-round protection.

The 2022 AION Y brings different high-value configuration upgrades for different models, including four-door one-key lifting, mobile phone Bluetooth key, power tailgate, one-key remote parking, over-the-horizon call parking, etc., to share the dividends of technological development for users. Models above the 70 Zhiling version are equipped with the largest panoramic canopy of 2.0㎡ in its class, and the front seats are flattened and changed into a 1.8-meter double bed room, allowing young people to easily start a happy life of “lying down and winning”.

What do you think? Are the goddesses already enthusiastic about these “eye-catching” cars above? Don’t worry, the Qilu International Auto Show is about to open! Come to the auto show to experience these high-value new favorite models up close! Which is your dish? From April 7th to 11th, come to Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center for tasting! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!