In early spring, these scarves can buy N fewer clothes GUCCI/D&G/Alexander McQueen

In early spring, with these scarves, how many clothes can you buy less

GUCCI/D&G/Alexander McQueen

Clothing is important, but the lack of embellishments can be eclipsed, so try a scarf to make way for your spring.


Gucci, a popular brand that has been popular for several years, has created creative and beautiful products every season. The combination of the colorful geranium print and the logo makes the whole not too rigid, and the fine print and soft fabric texture are full of points. You can also add layers with décor textured scarves.

【Tax included】GUCCI/Gucci 【New in ’18】 Multi-color printed blend women’s scarf #455949 3G228 9965

New Price: ¥ 1799

¥ 2502

The elongated size can be worn over the coat, and the downward-hanging scarf visually lengthens the neck line, making it feminine with any outfit.

GUCCI/Gucci multi-coloured garden print scarves for women

¥ 3500

Flower styling is almost impossible for women who do not love it. Gucci’s garden-printed silk scarf is full of fluttering butterflies and colorful flowers, and the cut lace is more three-dimensional when worn, and it is a perfect match for simple clothing when it is slightly warm and set off in breezy weather.

【Tax included】GUCCI/Gucci 【New in ’18】Life is Gucci printed silk twill silk scarf for women

¥ 3139

The Life is Gucci scarf is artistic, blending street culture with classics, past and modernity. Graffiti-style English fonts of various colors are irregularly covered with the entire silk scarf, but they are not messy but full of personality. Wear it with a simple bow over your sweatshirt to light up the overall look and immediately make you unique.


Dolce & Gabbana/Dolce & Gabbana Silk Scarf – Fashion scarf for women

¥ 1620

Docle & Gabbana can always move the color just right, seeing this silk scarf is believed to make many cat lovers excited, want to boldly try Grunge head wear mix-and-match, with an animal embroidered boys, badge leather jacket and other neutral clothing to build a full of cool decadent temperament, fashionable and easy to use.

Dolce & Gabbana/Dolce &Gabbana Silk Scarf – Women’s Fashion Silk Scarf 100 mulberry

European-style vintage vases are filled with a variety of blooming flowers, and the light butterflies are also attracted one after another, and the details of the silk scarf are exquisite, really like a painting. The inverted bow is very attractive around the neck, and it is completely ok even if it is wrapped around the wrist, so wear it in a variety of ways to add a necessary touch of chic to yourself.

¥ 2100

Also a flower-themed scarf, red as the main color highlights the maturity of the woman, and the colorful color is strongly saturated. If the overall clothing is monochrome, you can use such a floral scarf and tie it around the wrist to make the shape more eye-catching and make the outfit more interesting.


When it comes to skull motifs, what brand is most memorable? I believe Alexander McQueen can use the skeleton shape to subtly evolve a variety of changes. Although the skull series of silk scarves has long been born and can be called a classic in fashion, its popularity has continued.

Alexander McQueen Spring and summer new unisex skull rose background printed silk scarf

¥ 1554

New shapes and colors are introduced every year. The more popular black, white tied up mature atmosphere, is the first choice of many people, simple and easy to match with clothing, soft mulberry silk texture light and flowing, more can reflect the sense of premium

【Designer Acc】Alexander McQueen/Alexander McQueen silk skull print pattern women’s scarf

¥ 2660

The fusion of light gray and pink skull is very suitable for spring and autumn wearing, with a long trench coat to elongate the line, the whole person will look taller, temperament straight up ~ can also wrap the silk scarf on the backpack, it is simply practical and fashionable Must have.

【Designer Acc】Alexander McQueen New pink animal pattern women’s silk scarf

¥ 2640

If you’re looking for a scarf with a difference, don’t miss Alexander McQueen. The abstract and slightly retro pattern continues the whimsical design inspiration, exaggerated mermaids, multi-eyed rabbits, burning flames, and a fusion of various weird shapes, only you can’t think of what you can’t see. Baby pink as a base color rebellion with a little cuteness, casually wear to break the dullness, let you turn into pink fashion Cool girl.

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Dolce & Gabbana/Dolce & Gabbana Silk Scarf – Fashion scarf for women

¥ 1620