Hong Kong celebrity Chen Kexin was exposed to cheating in marriage, passionate kissing photos flowed, and almost became the daughter-in-law of the gambling king

Recently, some media exposed the news of Hong Kong celebrity Chen Kexin’s marriage cheating on social platforms, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

In the exposed photo, Chen Kexin wore a black shoulder dress and dressed sexy and sultry, while the object suspected of Chen Kexin’s marriage cheating was disheveled and boldly unbuttoned several buttons above the white shirt.

The two made various intimate actions, Chen Kexin first coquettishly hugged the man’s arm, and then leaned on the man’s shoulder to kiss him, the two reclined on the sofa and were intoxicated, the scale of the picture was very large.

Since the news was exposed, Chen Kexin has not responded, but he has not come forward to deny that he is not the protagonist of the photo. According to relevant sources, Chen Kexin’s hot kiss photos were taken by her before marriage, and she did not cheat after marriage.

Chen Kexin has been in the circle of famous ladies in Hong Kong, China for many years, and is known as one of the “four beautiful in Central”, her background is very strong, her father was exposed to be the president of a university in Hong Kong, and her mother is a senior corporate executive. Chen Kexin has been excellent since she was a child, and when she grew up, she had the experience of studying abroad, and she was “Bai Fumei” in the true sense.

Chen Kexin and her husband Meng Yuqing held a wedding in 2020, Meng Yuqing is not small, he is a young pianist, once performed on the same stage with Lang Lang, and is now active in the financial industry, is also a proper “rich and handsome”. The two are incomparably compatible in terms of appearance and family background.

And the reason why Chen Kexin is so famous in the celebrity circle is not unrelated to the fact that she once dated He Youheng, the son of the gambling king. Chen Kexin and He Youheng met on a university campus, and after the two were together, the man also introduced Chen Kexin to his family, He Youheng’s mother was very fond of this “prospective daughter-in-law”, and repeatedly took her to auctions and shopping, but Chen Kexin and He Youheng did not have enough fate, and finally failed to be together.

As for the kissing photos exposed on the Internet that are suspected of Chen Kexin’s cheating in marriage, the three parties have not responded at present, so let’s not guess and wait for the official announcement.