How many pairs of shoes did Wang Yibo and “This is Street Dance 3” cost?

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Yesterday Wang Yibo’s birthday, many contestants in the third season of “This is Street Dance”, such as Dianmen, Su Lianya, and the street dance circle “Condor Heroes” Yang Wentao and Cici who danced “Yan” out of the circle… All sent congratulations on Weibo.

In such a short period of time, he mingled with the gods in the street dance circle, which also shows that Wang Yibo’s performance as a mentor in “This is Street Dance” has been recognized.

Captain Battle battle, Wang Yibo’s shoe taking off trick is completely out of the circle, the creativity of taking off shoes and being smoked down is super interesting, and it also shows the nice show meaning of taking off shoes in hiphop, Ye La also knows too much about dancing 8, no wonder the gods are convinced of him.

I still remember that in the first season of “This is Street Dance”, the four-character younger brother, who was still a mentor at the time, expressed the view that “shoes are things that give confidence, strength, and faith to dancers…” in the short video of the team show, and you can see how important shoes are to dancers.

Shoes are precious! It is also because dancing is too much to use shoes, and Ye Zhao just said that it is difficult to pick shoes after dancing.

Turning his head, Captain Yixing jumped KRUMP and even the floor was wasted, this strength, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Fei shoes are fei.

Using combat shoes as the strength of dancers, Wang Yibo almost wore his housekeeper sneakers in “This is Street Dance”.

The Nike SB GTS Return PRM that “smoked” Wang Yibo because he has doubled the price, this super cargo carrying strength makes Benjun can’t help but dig deep at the sneakers he wore in this street 3.

This pair of shoes has actually been worn every day before, and the Nike SB GTS can be regarded as a relatively niche tennis shoe. The retro red and white color scheme is inspired by the classic “Red” Air Max 1, and the full retro atmosphere makes it popular with many skateboarders, or that’s why Yara fancy it.

Yela’s shoe cabinet should be super large, and the sneakers worn these times are almost not repeated, and each pair is the kind that shoe fans will envy when they see it. On the day of the launch of the third season of “This is Street Dance”, although his double-pants were super eye-catching, the pair of Air Jordan 1 Hi Zoom Air “Zen Green” under his feet was also eye-catching.

Based on the AJ1, which symbolizes the benchmark of sneaker culture, this is inspired by the traditional Japanese garden style, and the special fabric of suede and the cushioning system of Zoom Air make it a versatile player who can dance and play cool.

Before the show started, Wang Yibo released a poster with Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG – “Royal Toe” blue and black toes. The classic shape of AJ1 uses black, white and blue as the main colors, and the effect on the foot is very good.

Cool covers probably have a similar aesthetic, and Liu Yuxin also wears the same black and blue toes.

In the trailer for sharing his personal belongings, Wang Yibo wore a UNC North Carolina blue color Nike SB and AJ1 low-top joint model on the show. The refreshing white and blue color design and the flying wing embroidery on the heel are highlights, and the fresh temperament is very suitable for summer.

Yela shared the “war shoes” that passed through the holes when he skateboarded, which is Nike SB Shane black & white, the mini hook hook on the all-black skateboard shoes, which is low-key and a little small.

In the practice room, Ye Lu wears his often worn Nike SB Shane, which is probably Wang Yibo’s favorite skateboard shoe. Dance, street outing, skateboarding are all wearing it.

Nike SB Shane Black & White Skate

Nike SB Shane’s low-profile perforated and breathable forefoot design, outstanding laces and integrated sophisticated sole are simple, casual and versatile, but also cheap, cost-effective, and you won’t feel bad if you wear it and buy it again.

In the first episode of the program, Wang Yibo’s blue-green dirty braid was on the hot search, this functional dark style workwear shape with the all-black and white hook 1017 ALYX 9SM and Nike’s latest joint Air Force 1, silver accessories to increase the layering of all black looks.

This pair of 1017 ALYX 9SM × NIKE sneakers not only adds an ALYX signature function buckle lock to the laces, but the material of the whole pair is very different from the general AF1, which is a pair of joint sneakers favored by fashion experts.

Ma Boqian chose an all-black color scheme, which seemed to be less of Nike’s brand imprint, weakened the sporty atmosphere, and became more formal and stylish.

Wang Yibo’s other look is also cool, and the Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 that sneaker players want to own is at his feet.

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 Cactus

Every collaboration between Travis Scott and Nike can attract the attention of the sneaker circle, and this latest collaboration is based on the not-so-popular Air Max 270 React shoe. Incorporating the iconic western style and earthy tone into the design of the shoe, Ouyang Nana also wears the same style.

Wang Yibo’s shoe cabinet should be Nike Dunk SB, this pair of ice cream Dunk SB Low, which has recently attracted much attention in the sneaker circle, Benjun was planted.

The Nike SB Dunk Low, a collaboration with ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, features a cow motif on the body and a refreshing blue and green upper to create a refreshing blue sky and prairie atmosphere. Coupled with the bright yellow logo of the melted shape, the colorful lining, and the exclusive logo embroidery of the tongue, it is simply full of drama.

Before it was released, Wang Yibo posted the same model on Weibo.

Zhou Dong dried on Instagram, and it was also a special packaging for ice cream shoe boxes. A look at the color scheme shows that the inspiration is their classic ice cream flavor “Chunky Monkey”.

Lu Han, Chen Weiting, and Nai Wan couldn’t help but be captured by it.

In the captain’s battle competition, in order to grab the towel, Wang Jiaer also played “take off”, and threw his shoes out as bowling balls, is it okay? It seems that the dancing fee shoes are stone hammers.

The small details are funny and sense, every action is appropriately powerful, this pair of Adidas originals superstar Hong Kong city joint to grab the scene, pink heel color matching echoes the sweatshirt, milk cool milk. The shoe also comes in other cities, with slight differences in heel color and tongue.

Adidas originals superstar Hong Kong city co-brand

The captain’s micro-movie promotional film Jiaer is also wearing Adidas Clover’s SUPERSTAR classic shoes for men and women, and the orange letter logo color scheme echoes the shape.

When not dancing, Jarre pairs CL colored sneakers with a white suit from Acne Studios for Fall/Winter 2020.

Single-breasted single-breasted blazer

As the brand spokesperson of Converse Asia Pacific, Zhang Yixing naturally wants to make a walking advertising board, and the canvas heel in white and gray camouflage creates a unique military workwear style.

converse Blocked Camo Chuck

1970S stitched camouflage white

Maybe because jumping Krump shoes is too expensive, Zhang Yixing wears a lot of basic models, this poster wears the classic white high-top all star, which costs more than three hundred to start.

The press conference is also the same pair, it seems that the easiest to get the same style is Zhang Yixing!

When auditioning for the street, Zhang Yixing also changed into a comfortable black converse Chuck Taylor 1970S.

The pair of pure CDG x Nike Air Max 95 white sneakers worn by Mr. Zhong Hanliang on the audition street, this pair of joint series of Rei Kawabo and Nike, the corrugated silhouette of the shoe body is made into an old valgus style, although it is pure white, but the details are also quite eye-catching.

As the façade of street dance, the contestants’ “combat shoes” are not sloppy at all. Xiao Jie, who previously participated in another street dance show “Blood Street Dance Troupe”, wore Nike Air Huarache, this replica shoe uses the original color scheme of 1991, and the blue and pink color scheme is a bit coquettish~.

The popular champion of this street 3, the Daishin-level cloth wears a Puma RS-X³ gray and white color scheme, and Kim Hyunya also wears it.

The Air Jordan 1 is one of the shoes that many dancers love, and the pair on the feet of the Top 26 contestant Electric Gate is the “Shadow”.

Su Lianya, who danced “Sadako”, privately wore this pair of fluorescent Nike Zoom Vomero 5 SE SP gray-green.

Nike SB Dunk Low Murasaki Ride Life Tokyo