Sister Lang 2: The bigger the earring, the stronger the aura

After the broadcast of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 2”, the sisters dominated the entire network, which was simply a large-scale arena, and a paradise for their partners~

Naturally continuously dominates the major lists of Weibo’s hot searches: hot mother actress Cecilia Cheung’s god-level girly feeling, the invincible charm of Zuer Rong in the music scene, and Zhang Xinyu’s A-burst short hair with beauty and talent….

In the new content broadcast yesterday, the sisters in the practice room are also cute.

The sister said: “We, the jump is hi, but beautiful, do you want to watch that paragraph?” ”

As a result, when swinging, the instructor said: “It’s like a sculpture in front of the factory, it’s almost pulling a yellow ox cart.” ”

Cecilia Cheung’s sister dancing also made COCO feel that she had come to a comedy show, confirmed the goddess, and was cute herself.

Seeing the sisters who sweat so seriously in the practice room, COCO is really looking forward to the stage of Yigong!

Can be sa, can be fairy, can be salted

In addition, the styling of the sisters has also received a lot of attention.

Sassy like that Ying sister, she appeared on the screen in a simple trench coat + denim. She shook her coat before getting out of the car, and her momentum did not diminish in the slightest.

The clothes worn by my sister are R13, which started with Jeans, and the brand likes to use denim fabrics to splicing with a variety of materials, taking into account the trend and practical street attributes, and the smart fashion sense is very compatible with the sister’s sassy personality.

Low eyebrows chuckle dream back to the first meeting, in addition to the cute children that the years have brought to Cecilia Cheung, there is only inexhaustible beauty and fairy spirit. Red dress, black silk, COCO is not exaggerated to say that licking the screen is tired. She chose the fairy Alberta Ferretti, and she is also a good match with the bright and moving.

Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2020 collection

The love song diva Yung Zuer with a free personality is beautiful in contrast, and she wears the latest Versace model. PS: She is also so interesting to bounce in the pile of her sister!

Tenderness like water, sweet and elegant is synonymous with Yang Yuying. Although she wears a simple black and white combination, she is careful everywhere, and the perfect combination of black velvet sleeves and diamond-encrusted bracelets makes her feel like returning to old Shanghai overnight.

Cheng Lisa, who is also a retro shape, shows the charm of mature women to the fullest, and is full of charm and elegance.

My sisters’ earrings have a lot to offer

With the broadcast of the show, the sisters have turned into walking “grass planters”. No, not long after the show aired, there were many little sisters interested in their sisters’ earrings. COCO took a look at it, and couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air, sure enough, it was still my sister who was powerful, and there was a lot in the little earrings.

Medieval Boss Group

Looking at Sister Gully’s Weibo, you can see that she is privately an avid fan of CHANEL’s Vintage, and ready-to-wear and jewelry occupy her OOTD. In particular, her earrings are all boss-level, like the brand’s classic birdcage, double C big logo, love double C, shell ear clips, and baroque earrings.

This time, Wang Ou directly brought her “little baby” to plant grass for everyone in the show.

She got out of the car and looked like a metal chain belt from the ’80s, a matching leather jacket for the Spring ’92 Tatiana Patitz catwalk, and a Cupid’s Arrow Peach Heart earrings for Spring/Summer ’93, which are rare on the market today.

Uniqueness alone, these four words are heartwarming enough.

The metal craftsmanship of this pair of earrings is very special, the special bubble design on the surface and the chanel letters written casually make the metal earrings reduce the sense of solemnity, and the daily matching will not be too exaggerated. PS: The brooches of the same series are also super good-looking!

CHANEL Spring/Summer 1993 Collection

After my sister’s debut, there are still two sets of looks for everyone to enjoy. The CHANEL yellow-green twill jacket with cherry earrings is playful and cute.

Maison Gripoix for CHANEL

Her black dress on stage is from Redemption, and the earrings she wears are CHANEL birdcages that are hard to get from Magnum.

Large earring set

Look at our “Barbie baby” Jik Junyi, wearing a snakeskin tight skirt like a snake, and the Versace gold round earrings on the ears are a bit punk that feeling, worthy of being a lady who pulls the wind every day.

Versace Resort 2021

Jiang Yingrong, a handsome woman who refuses the aesthetic of white, thin and childlike, also has an obsession with large rings, and she wears Fendi contrast earrings.

Poverty limits imagination group

Among the sisters’ earrings, the queen-level is Yang Yuying’s pair of white gold and diamond earrings from Van Cleef & Arpels, priced at 360,000, full of ladylike temperament. It is worthy of being a sister who has debuted for many years and is full of confidence, rich and willful.

In addition to the sweet sister Yang Yuying, there is also the seemingly low-key Zhou Bichang. The pen on the poster look is also a little more restrained, and the AREA oversized HOP colored rhinestone earrings are chosen.

PS: AREA this brand of diamond jewelry is the kind that kills the whole scene as soon as it is taken out, the price is several thousand, interested friends can pay attention to see!

Zhou Bichang on the first stage was dressed greatly, the white blouse dress is from Alexis Mabille 2020 spring/summer haute couture, and the “underwear” inside is the British brand David Koma, who is out of the circle with a “super silhouette”.

In addition to luxurious and luxurious jewelry, some niche designer brands are also loved by sisters, all of which have texture and do not collide!


Chen Yanxi’s niche treasure jewelry ATELIERSO is simply the light of the national brand, and their jewelry is a neutral silver jewelry of the dark series, with a mysterious asceticism.

The brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is inspired by the ocean, and the entire collection can see the shape of coral reef stones and fish ridges, dark and fairy.

Justine Clenquet

Her white suit on stage also goes well with Justine Clenquet’s Luv earrings.

Justine Clenquet blends French underground culture with 90s retro nostalgia, and the overall design is full of rings, chains and some shiny elements.

The combination of pearls and metal, fine Swarovski rhinestones and complex Cuban Rock pearls, gently melts into power, plus a touch of 24k gold plating, you have a jewelry cabinet in one piece.

The price of 1,000 yuan + the same style of various stars, flashy and everyday, absolute! Jimei doesn’t go to get it yet!


The ring worn by Chen Yanxi in this set comes from the domestic designer brand KVK, with an artistic philosophy and futuristic avant-garde aesthetic style, conveying the inner strength of women. DIY wearing that changes between different items, an indispensable weapon for cool girls! The last Sister Lang also loved it.

Some time ago, KVK also launched the KVK/FOURTRY joint series with “Trend Partners”, which takes the theme of the cycle of rebirth of man and nature as the theme to create a combination of accessories with unique oriental elements, and the overall style is still relatively cool.

The rubies in the latest spider order co-branded YOEYYOU collection are based on the concept of venom, like a lurking poisonous snake, dotted in the middle of the cold silver jewelry, dangerous and mysterious.

The other red series also has the element of flame, cool mixed with a little bit of the breath of middle two, not too in line with COCO’s preferences!

APM Monaco

After changing into a women’s group outfit, Chen Yanxi also wore an open APM Monaco.

The six-pointed star that the sisters must have is derived from APM’s most popular ring. The modern geometric eight-pointed star shines with the exquisite light of the year-end festive season. In APM’s jewelry, feminine beauty is independent and powerful, as fascinating as the mysterious galaxies and milky ways in the universe. The element of mystery alone is enough to attract girls!

Yang Mi has also worn it before, and he can’t have Sister Mi, but he must also have the same style of Sister Mi!

Needless to say, COCO is going to buy and buy, with the new clothes for the New Year~

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