Homemade pearl meatballs, tender and refreshing, served on the table to eat, one by one is really enjoyable

Since becoming a mother, all the centers of life are revolving around children, and sometimes cooking for children has become a headache, saying that there are no picky eaters, only mothers who can’t cook, although a little objective, but if you want your children to love eating, you need to change the pattern to make it for your children, not only to be nutritious,

It is also necessary to attract the child’s curiosity and arouse the child’s appetite.

Meet picky eaters, some only like to eat vegetables, some only eat rice and do not like to eat vegetables, then parents have to find a way to let children both eat and eat vegetables, but also eat meat, today I will share with you a very delicious pearl meatballs, meals, meat are complete, and the finished product is very beautiful, crystal clear rice grains,

It’s like a little pearl, I can’t take my eyes off the child after seeing it, arousing his curiosity and wanting to try it very much.

The strength of the rice, the Q bomb of the filling, the sweetness of the mixed vegetables, and the mixture of various flavors, there are vegetarian meats, and the nutrition is comprehensive, and mothers with children at home can try to make it for their children

, the taste is amazing, tender and refreshing,

Grab to eat on the table, one bite is really enjoyable, let’s take a look at the specific method.


Pearl flesh balls

【Cooking ingredients】: 1 pound of minced pork. , 1 egg, 1 spoonful of cornstarch, 1 spoonful of salt, 1 spoonful of light soy sauce, appropriate amount of black pepper powder, appropriate amount of minced green onion, 1/2 spoonful of dark soy sauce, 1 spoonful of sesame oil, appropriate amount of glutinous rice, 1 spoonful of cooking wine

【Cooking steps】:

1. First prepare all the ingredients you need to use, you can buy ready-made pork filling, you can also use pork to make very delicate meat filling for later.

2. Soak glutinous rice in boiling water in advance, and the university needs to soak for about 10 minutes until the glutinous rice becomes soft and the volume becomes larger.

3. Put the minced pork into a bowl, add minced green onion and ginger, and beat an egg.

4. Add another spoonful of salt, a spoonful of light soy sauce and half a spoonful of dark soy sauce.

5. Continue to add a spoonful of sesame oil and a small amount of crushed black pepper, black pepper is recommended to use their own freshly ground so that the taste is longer-lasting.

6. Finally, add a spoonful of corn starch, then stir well and set aside.

7. Put on disposable gloves and rub them into meatballs with your hands.

8. Wrap each meatball with glutinous rice, put it in a pot after all is done, and spread a cabbage leaf in advance.

9. Cover and steam for 20 minutes, when the time is good, open the lid and take out the steamed pearl meatballs, sprinkle with green onions and eat.

【Cooking Tips】:

1, pork filling must be put into the seasoning marinade, so that the filling is more delicious, if you are troublesome and do not love to make their own meat filling, you can also buy ready-made pork filling, which can save half of the time, simple and convenient.

2. It is recommended that you use your own freshly ground black pepper, so that the taste can be more durable.

3. Glutinous rice needs to be soaked in water in advance, if you want to shorten the time, you can use boiling water to soak, so that about 10 minutes can be done.

4. You don’t need to customize for too long when customizing, about 20 minutes after the water is boiled.

5. A bite is tender and delicious, delicious, adults and children love to eat, the method is very simple, see it and try it.

Homemade pearl meatballs, tender and refreshing, served on the table to eat, one by one is really enjoyable