Revelation! Why does Expo Dubai attract so many fans? Stage lighting and sound equipment is fully solved

On October 1, the eyes of the world converged on Expo 2020 Dubai in Dubai. Expo 2020 Dubai was officially postponed for one year due to the epidemic and retained the name “Expo 2020 Dubai”. It is reported that the China Pavilion is one of the largest pavilions in this World Expo, and the architectural shape is far-reaching, using the shape of a Chinese lantern, named “Light of China”.

Stage visual design

Pass on the blessing and shine the light! The 2020 Dubai World Expo China Pavilion “Light of China” themed lighting exhibition produced by Sha Xiaolan, the general consultant of the art of the China Pavilion, and the creative design and production of [Fengshang Culture] Light and Shadow, has lived up to expectations, and since its opening on October 1, it has triggered countless tourists to check in and admire.

Sha Xiaolan led all the creators of [Fengshang Culture] to focus on the theme of “Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind – Innovation and Opportunity”, breaking through on-site restrictions, overcoming cross-border operational obstacles, and conveying ideas with a minimalist artistic style and ingenious combination of points, lines and surfaces.

The road is simple, and the moment is eternal. Through 7 minutes of light and shadow changes, relying on the ingenious combination of only 150 drones, the narrative of the four chapters is cleverly unfolded, with simplicity and extraordinary, while telling Chinese stories to the world, while delivering “friends, hello” greetings!

In terms of design, the main creative team developed the main body of the Chinese Pavilion building to the greatest extent, and unfolded the picture scroll with the main body of the Chinese Pavilion as the axis, taking the red-frame lamp body of the main body of the building as the point, the dot as the array, and the 360° exterior wall of the China Pavilion as the canvas.

▲Schematic diagram of LED screen and grille screen

The façade of the first floor of the China Pavilion is responsible for the LED screens on both sides and the grille screens on both sides of the entrance. They extend their vision to the ground and allow the tree of life to take root.

The visual center of the light and shadow show is the red frame matrix above the second floor of the China Pavilion, which consists of more than 1,000 red frame lamp bodies and open “partition fans” to complete a wide range of dynamic visual effects through programming and control. We take the red-frame lamp body as the point, the dot as the matrix, the array as the surface, and use the arrangement and combination of the dot matrix to create a simple and extraordinary visual picture.

▲Schematic diagram of the red frame matrix

The “bucket arch” shape structure on the top of the open ring corridor on the second floor of the China Pavilion and the “parapet wall” façade at the top are also targeted by architectural lighting according to the structural carrier, and the main creative team makes light everywhere you see.

Behind this is the result of the accumulation of countless national large-scale activities by the main creative team of [Fengshang Culture] under the leadership of Sha Xiaolan, which is the love and obsession with Chinese culture and art, and the essence of countless day and night plans to overturn and start over.

Sound design

Behind this luminous light display are extremely harsh natural conditions. Dubai is in a long-term windswept outdoor environment, and the speaker needs to be extremely high UV protection, high temperature resistance, wind and sand resistance, and strong stability ability. For this reason, the main sound reinforcement system of the lighting exhibition selected ezacoustics FIS series and TH series all-weather version speakers of Ecoco International’s own brands.

The audience area is large and dispersed, and it is necessary to ensure the aesthetics of the speaker installation while ensuring the sound reinforcement performance of the speaker. Therefore, the speaker system selects 12 ezacoustics FIS-H208iWP speakers with small cabinets, beautiful appearance and high output for playing background music, which are evenly installed above the LED screens on the left and right sides of the China Pavilion and under the ceiling on both sides of the entrance of the China Pavilion. The FIS-H208iWP loudspeaker uses unit pitch crossover technology to obtain 120° lateral smooth sound coverage in a wider frequency band, allowing surging sound energy to radiate the entire audience area and drive the audience atmosphere.

▲ezacoustics FIS-H208iWP

▲ezacoustics point sound source EASE simulation diagram

In the pools on both sides of the gate of the China Pavilion, 8 ezacoustics THL-1012WP line array speakers are installed near the LED screen for playing the music of the lighting exhibition, and the THL-1012WP line array speakers have a large sound pressure level and excellent transducibility, ensuring the long-distance coverage ability of the speakers, and perfectly meeting the high-fidelity sound reinforcement needs of the lighting exhibition.

▲ezacoustics THL-1012WP

▲ezacoustics line array EASE simulation diagram

In order to integrate with the exterior wall decoration of the China Pavilion, 12 ezacoustics FIS-S15WP ultra-low speakers were installed in two horizontal arrays between the two-story platforms on both sides of the China Pavilion and the decorative shapes, enhancing the impact of the performance.

▲ezacoustics FIS-S15WP

All speakers are driven by ezacoustics EM50Q and Powersoft X4 digital amplifiers, with independent amplifier channels for cross-driving for each speaker. Two Symetrix Radius NXs were selected for ezacoustics EM50Q amplifiers for signal conversion and processing.

ezacoustics EM50Q amplifier and Symetrix Radius NX

Lighting design

The main body of the Chinese Pavilion building

Combined with light matrix, LED image, architectural lighting, drone modeling

etc., bring a unique light show, presenting the overall visual effect of three-dimensional atmosphere, majestic and beautiful, leading the audience through ancient and modern times, immersively integrated into rich situations such as Dunhuang Feitian, Beijing Winter Olympics, magnificent mountains and rivers, etc., showing the image of a big country with a long history, scientific and technological development, cultural prosperity and full of charm.

Light show on both sides of the main screen by

Huaao Media and New Yasheng Optoelectronics

Jointly produced, jointly for the Chinese pavilion of this World Expo tailor-made application of large screen to create light and film visual effects, in the display effect, image fusion, supporting technology have extraordinary expressiveness.

Because Dubai has high summer temperatures and little precipitation, it was adopted in order to adapt to the local environment

New Yasheng Optoelectronics star product MG series

, taking into account the toughness of polymer materials and the strength of metals, at the same time

The thermal conduction balance system is adopted to evenly disperse the heat of the lamp and IC, and is not afraid of high temperature environment

, escort the display effect of the “portal large screen” of the China Pavilion.

In addition, a pool is designed directly in front of the screen, which puts forward high requirements for the moisture-proof ability of the screen body. MG series with IP65 high protection performance, can

Ensure long-term stable and smooth operation in outdoor environments with high humidity and high heat

, meet the 6-month extension, let the people of the world see Chinese culture, Chinese style, Chinese strength!

The overall ambient halo is responsible for the two ring of light installations that can be raised and lowered in small increments in the roof area of the Chinese Pavilion

More than 100 computer beam lights

Through the lifting and lowering of the carrier mechanism, the state of light and dark, angle, color and other states can be changed in a dynamic form according to the performance content during the performance, so as to strengthen the rhythm, highlight the rhythm and set off the atmosphere.

At the top of the canvas, the drone matrix performance is responsible, and through creative editing and control, the drone matrix and all parts of the picture cooperate with each other to achieve the triggering, interaction and integration of the three-dimensional integration of heaven, earth and medium.