Take you to understand the characteristics of Korean velvet fabric laser engraving process

Korean velvet, as the name suggests, is a flannel fabric imported from South Korea, and now the Korean pile produced in China can be comparable to imported Korean velvet from the feel, feel, elasticity, etc. Korean velvet feels delicate, soft, the surface of the short hair does not ball, does not shed, because of these good characteristics and is widely used to make car pillows, cushions, and other car interior supplies and clothing, handicrafts, etc. The use of laser processing technology in clothing fabrics can enhance the originality of clothing design, and for clothing brands, it can also enhance brand recognition.

LASER, WHICH IS LIGHT EMITTED BY ATOMS, WAS FIRST DISCOVERED BY EINSTEIN IN 1916. Laser is another major invention of mankind since the 20th century after nuclear energy, computers and semiconductors, with the characteristics of high brightness, pure color and large energy. Laser applications are very wide, mainly including laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, etc.

Laser engraving is to heat process the surface of the cloth through stable laser energy control and the cooperation of the accurate scanning system to form various shapes of different shades. It is mainly suitable for textile dyeing and finishing of fabrics, such as warp knitted short flannel cloth applied to home textiles, shoe materials, toys and woven fabrics and denim carvings applied to clothing fabrics, and weft knitted fabrics carved and perforated on underwear, sportswear and fitness clothing.

1. The perfect combination of laser technology and computer, no chemical raw materials, no manual grinding;

2. Closed design, safe and environmentally friendly;

3. Improve work efficiency;

4. Using computer programming, only need to import design graphics and set parameters, you can complete various complex patterns.