Light Encounter: Will the swing return on Valentine’s Day? With a countdown of 25 days, CP players dream of it


Hello everyone, I am Uncle Meng Po who likes to play games and chat about games. Although he is a single dog, Xiao Shu remembers the festival better than anyone! February 14th, the annual Valentine’s Day, there are 25 days left (countdown). In less than a month, we’ve started wondering which costumes will be officially available for Valentine’s Day this year! Because in other games, every Valentine’s Day, the “couple” skin will be launched.

Today’s topic: Will the swing return on Valentine’s Day? With a countdown of 25 days, CP players dream of it!

Valentine’s Day 2020

We all know that in this Valentine’s Day, Light met the online “Love Swing”, a prop for couple players in the name of love, priced at $24.99, 128 yuan. After the event was removed, the swing never returned in any form. Pinch your fingers, more than 300 days have passed, is Qianqiu really going out of print, is there a possibility of returning to the scene? There is no news at the moment, waiting for the official announcement.

Valentine’s Day 2021

The time is getting closer and closer, but there is still no official announcement. This makes players who like swings, especially couples, look forward to the return of swings even more. Xiao Shu boldly guessed that according to Halloween and Christmas activities, such as Christmas hats returning, and they were exchanged for candles. Although we don’t expect the swing to be reproduced with candles (white), even if the price increases, for most people, this is understandable and acceptable.

CP players dream of it

Player D has been with her CP for two months, received free magic some time ago, used a temporary swing, and then had a heart problem, D said that he dreamed of swinging. Sitting on the swing with CP and shaking, she unconsciously hummed a ballad in her mouth: “The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you…” The closer to Valentine’s Day, the more worried she was in her heart, afraid that the swing would not return, but at the same time looking forward to it.

Couple outfit

Judging from the existing costumes and props, there is no officially defined couple dress for the time being. Of course, players also have their own ideas and methods, such as the combination of black and white fighting, which forms a “black and white match”. However, Xiaoshu still feels that it is necessary to launch a “couple’s style” dress on Valentine’s Day to provide CP players with a couple’s status symbol or a recognizable dress to meet the needs of players.

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Light Encounter: Will the swing return on Valentine’s Day? With a countdown of 25 days, CP players dream of it