Kanye’s autographed shoes were stolen at the door, suspect man: This pair is the thinnest

At 10 o’clock in the morning of May 8, Xiao Wu was about to go out and found that a pair of canvas shoes placed at the door was missing, which was a celebrity signature shoe given by a friend, which was very important to him, so he called the police.

Policeman Xiao Wu: “It was my former very good friend, sent to me by mail from the United States, so for me, it is more important (it is this signature, is it rare) Yes, it is a very popular star in the United States, I only know that his nickname is ‘Kanye’, I just checked it out specifically, called Kanye West.” ”

Kanye West is a famous American rapper, music producer and designer. Xiao Wu said that a few years ago, a friend went to see the concert of “Kanye”, and after the concert, the friend took his shoes and went to “Kanye” to sign his name.

Policeman Xiao Wu: “On my birthday in 2019, I was mailed from the United States, and I was signed with a somewhat fluorescent water pen or ballpoint pen, but it has been a long time, and I also started wearing it at the beginning of this year, so it is also worn out more, and there is a word ‘west’, which is not very obvious.” ”

Xiao Wu provided photos of the shoes, and it can be seen that there is a signature on the heel position of the canvas shoes, but it is not very obvious to look at. The reporter found several photos of “Kanye” signed sneakers on the Internet, which are somewhat similar to the signatures on Xiao Wu’s shoes.

Xiao Wu said that the shoes are both a birthday gift from a friend and a celebrity signature shoe, which is especially important to him. Then the police called out the monitoring of the corridor, and at about 9:30 a.m. that day, a man wearing a white shirt and slippers appeared at the door of Xiao Wu’s house, bent down to take Xiao Wu’s shoes, and then turned right into the stairwell. Soon, the police arrested the suspect man Qu in an Internet café in the jurisdiction. Qu admitted to stealing Xiao Wu’s shoes.

Hangzhou Xiasha Police Station police: “What are the characteristics of the shoes you stole (suspect Qu: flat shoes, the upper is a little high) What brand do you recognize (don’t recognize) how big your feet (I wear 41) wearing big (big). ”

Xiao Wudi’s shoes are size 42, and Qu is naturally a little big. It is understood that Qu works part-time in a logistics park, with a salary of two or three thousand a month.

Hangzhou Xiasha Police Station police: “You are two or three thousand a month, why don’t you go and buy a pair of shoes (suspect Qu: there is no money now) How much money do you still have in your card (less than 100 in the card) So why do you go to an Internet café, don’t Internet cafes need money (ask for money).” ”

Officer Tao of Hangzhou Xiasha Police Station: “At that time, he had a pair of slippers all over his body, and he said that he wanted to work, and he couldn’t wear slippers to work, so he wanted to go around the neighborhood and find shoes to wear.” ”

Xiao Wu put three pairs of shoes at the door, so why did Qu steal those canvas shoes?

Suspect Qu: “There are three pairs of shoes there, two of which are cotton shoes (how do you know if they are cotton shoes) are very thick (what about this pair of shoes?). Why pick this pair) Just this pair is cloth shoes, single-layer cloth shoes, just the thinnest pair. ”

Officer Tao of Hangzhou Xiasha Police Station: “When summer comes, I want to take a pair of thin shoes and wear them.” ”

At present, the police have returned the shoes to Xiao Wu, and the suspect Qu has been administratively detained for 7 days for theft.

Source: 1818 GoldenEye