Middle-aged women who know how to dress up do not look old! 3 kinds of scarf + hat matching rules, good looking and not old-fashioned

The accessories of autumn and winter are mainly hats, scarves, bags, etc.

Other accessories such as earrings, necklaces and whatnot, the utilization rate in autumn and winter is not particularly high, so if you want to wear good looks and dress fashionably in autumn and winter, then hats and scarves, two beautiful and warm accessories, must be learned.

The matching of the hat scarf also requires a certain level of matching, wearing it well is fashionable, if it is not well matched, it is easy to become bloated, village oh.

So first of all, let’s talk about the most important color matching of hats and scarves, because the color matching is not in place, it is easy to appear very messy, and the contrast also needs to be well studied.

So let’s talk to you about the best way to match colors, that is, the same color matching, that is, choose the same color hat and scarf, so that the sense of unity is very strong, and there is no need for color matching, as long as the hat and sweatshirt are one color.

Here are some recommended color schemes for everyone.

Solution 1: White series

White is a brighter color in autumn and winter, and it is also a color that shows the skin tone, choose a white series of hats and scarves, do not pick the skin color, everyone can wear.

If you are black and yellow skin, or you are older, the body is not very good, resulting in a more sallow face and a bad complexion, then choose a white hat and scarf that can make you look more complexed and your skin whiter.

Option 2: Brown series

Brown is also a more used color in autumn and winter, wear a brown coat, choose a brown down jacket, of course, hats and scarves can also be brown.

But you don’t have to pursue exactly the same brown, you can try a dark brown hat with a light brown scarf, so that the layering of colors is obvious, and there is no dissonance. Brown is more demanding for the skin, if it is very dark, it is not very recommended to match it with a brown scarf.

Scheme 3: Gray series

Gray is a low-key and versatile color for autumn and winter,

If you don’t know what color to choose, and feel that white is too bright and black is too dull, then choose gray scarves and hats, gray is advanced and not very picky about skin tone, and gray is good with some coats with complex colors, and the availability is very high.

Some pink gray is still very feminine, the overall look is very gentle, such a hat to wear seconds to increase feminine charm Oh~

After talking about the color scheme of hats and scarves above,

The next thing to solve is the problem of choosing and matching the style of hats and scarves

, we can start with the top hat and beret with the highest utilization rate in autumn and winter, learn the combination of these two hats, and don’t worry about anything else.

1. Scarf selection for top hat

The top hat belongs to the more formal type of hat, and the top hat has a large brim,

So it’s not very suitable for matching too heavy scarves, we can focus on choosing silk scarves, or light scarves.

Or, in order to highlight the top hat to look good, we can directly choose a dark, dark series of scarves, such as black, brown, gray, etc.

In addition, we can directly wrap the scarf in a circle, so that the thick feeling of the scarf will be reduced, and the top hat can also be more protruding. Top hats are suitable for most people, especially people with large heads, the large brim of the top hat can cover your head, and it will also appear that the face is small, and it is also suitable for girls with large faces.

2. Scarf matching for berets

Berets are a more literary hat type, and is a hat style exclusive to women, we rarely see boys wearing berets, so this hat style is also a necessary killer to highlight women’s gentleness, gentle charm Oh.

Berets are very flattering to the head shape, if you have a flat head, or your skull top is not very high, then wearing a beret can make your head appear large and look like the perfect proportions of the head covering the face.

Berets our common colors can be roughly divided into black, brown, gray and red, yellow and blue,

The former is more low-key and mature, suitable for those who are sexy and steady, or older women, and if you attend more formal occasions, then dark berets will be more suitable for you.

Those bright berets are too light and lively, and the color matching of coats and scarves also needs more attention.

The choice of material for the autumn and winter berets is also important,

If warmth and softness are pursued, then it is more suitable to choose a beret made of wool. If you like a neutral style of dressing and like a handsome motorcycle style, then a leather beret will be more handsome.

In order to highlight the beauty of the berets, the woolen berets can be paired with lighter scarves, such as some silk scarves, etc., which will also be lighter.

All right

Today’s matching of scarf + hat is here, the matching of hat and scarf should first pay attention to the problem of color matching, followed by choosing the right style, different hats have different matching

, After reading this article, the matching in it has the type you like, then you can try to match, to wear Oh.