Denim hot pants with mid-sleeved chiffon shirt, wearing a cool and casual style, age-reducing beauty and tall

Although summer has quietly passed, but I have to admit that summer is still everyone’s favorite season in the four seasons, although this season is relatively hot, but refreshing dressing styles abound, as long as you want to try it yourself, wear cool and show the beauty of personality, is beautiful and outstanding, beauty has style and highlights. For summer, denim hot pants are the most photographed model, cool and fashionable and show long legs, beautiful confidence and generous.

Hot pants have a variety of styles, but the only unchanged style is that the trouser tube is relatively short, you can visually pull out the slenderness of the legs, and the hot pants are mainly based on brushed trouser tubes, comfortable and foreign, of course, hot pants also have ripped styles, and leaky pockets in the form of short hot pants, here Xiaobian recommends that you choose hot pants with a simple style, the trouser tube is not easy to be too short, wearing cool and safe.

Hot pants is a versatile pants, in the summer top choice can play their own ideas, this is also to hone your matching skills, different tops have different wearing effects, such as everyone likes the short-sleeved shirt with hot pants, simple and generous, but less personality release, there are also cool suspenders with hot pants, cool and comfortable, but always pay attention to the situation of sun protection, it can be said that summer is the season of love and hate, so how to match to be able to both sun protection and wear cool beauty, elegant in the vitality of beauty.

In fact, girls’ clothing is not overstated to describe it in kaleidoscopic. You can see this tall young lady dressed, a pale pink mid-sleeved chiffon print shirt with blue denim hot pants, cool fashion and elegant beauty. The pale pink chiffon shirt is both fresh and warm, and the color wears the sweet and age-reducing atmosphere of the little sister. And the embellishment of the print is full of beauty vitality. In particular, the neckline is designed with laces, and the mid-sleeve bell sleeves are embellished, which exudes the sweet atmosphere of girls. Dress cool and stylish.

And the lower body with a blue denim hot pants, chiffon shirt with a sense of coolness, the hem is tucked into the waistband, thin and not stuffy, hot pants use a brushed design, increase the comfort of wearing, while setting off slender legs, feet wearing a pair of black strap heels, heightened and thin and beautiful tall, beautiful fresh and fan. This combination is simple and stylish, and it is easy to harness the beauty of summer.

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