The most popular 8 super beautiful jelly sandals, Q cute Q cute people want to take a bite

The crystal clear jelly material and shiny rhinestones super complement the complexion, so that the feet show a delicate and tender white luster, with delicate toenails, super beautiful!

Colorful rhinestone butterfly results frozen sandals

Colorful shiny rhinestones with a special summer atmosphere. Under the crystal texture is a wear-resistant and non-slip sole, and the upper foot is not afraid of falling~

Rose flower open-toe jelly sandals

The texture fairy aesthetic big bow with jelly-like Q elastic texture, sweet and charming, the upper foot is absolutely super goddess!

Rhinestone flat heeled fishmouth jelly sandals

Bulingbuling’s rhinestone-lined skin is fair and smooth. Jelly shoes are the trend, love fashionable girls hurry up to send it~

Lace large flowered butterfly fruit frozen sandals

Elegant and beautiful lace bow, girly sense shows a fairy ~ sweet appearance, where is the appearance party, come and watch~

New camellia jelly sandals

The fresh and elegant camellia flowers bloom on the instep, making the feet more charming and temperamental! Rivets fixed the flower, and there was no trouble of falling off~

Three-dimensional plush doll jelly sandals

Transparent jelly straps, showing the refreshing coolness of summer, plus cute plush dolls, this three-dimensional design knocks cute and praise!

Bow-toe flat-toed sandals

Simple and generous, comfortable and cool jelly sandals, is the perfect display of summer fashion. The bow adds sweetness and shows a full girly feeling!