I bought a raincoat for the dog online, but after wearing it, I felt strange: I just couldn’t say it

With more and more people owning pets, and the main force of shovel officers are mostly young people, online pet-related products are also more and more varied. However, online shopping may be risky, just like the following shovel officer also encountered embarrassing problems.

The shovel officer bought a raincoat for the dog on the Internet, because he has a large dog, he has to go out for a walk every day, but when it rains, there is no way, so he decided to buy a dog raincoat online.

Soon the goods were received, just in time for the rainy day, and the shovel officer put on a raincoat for the dog and went out happily. However, the shovel officer dangled around outside and found that it seemed to attract a lot of strange eyes.

The shovel officer thought that it would not be so unusual for dogs to wear raincoats, so he looked carefully again, and found that it seemed strange indeed, and the problem seemed to lie in the tail of the raincoat, and the dog’s tail was supported by the raincoat all the time.

In short, it looks very unnatural, the dog is like an emotionless robot toy dog, that is, it can’t be said to be weird, especially this big night, it still shines, like performance art.

Hahaha, veterinarian Xiaoming thinks that the design of this raincoat is really very intimate, even the dog’s tail is taken care of, what if the dog with a shorter tail can do it? When it comes to the more bizarre pet products purchased online, there are really a lot of them.

Veterinarian Xiaoming thinks that this problem must not be in the clothes, right? Meow: Blame me~

There are also clothes for dogs like spiders, so that going out must cause panic. Veterinarian Xiaoming really took the brain hole of these shovel officers, and he is too good at playing!

Veterinarian Xiaoming Science: If the rain is not heavy, you can take the dog out for a short walk to solve the defecation problem, but remember to dry the dog’s body after returning home, one to prevent cold, and the other is to avoid skin diseases.

In addition, when encountering more extreme weather, try not to go out, you can train the dog to learn to defecate at a fixed point, so that you don’t have to go out and toss. And there is another advantage, when the shovel officer is not at home for a long time, the dog does not have to hold it all the time.

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