Futubao owl mobile phone holder use experience, small and portable, complete functions

In the process of daily life, I believe that everyone has encountered situations that need to use mobile phone holders, such as chasing a drama while eating, taking a photo when traveling alone, live broadcasting or video, etc., at this time, we urgently need mobile phone holders to assist us. Recently, I found a treasure good: Futubao Owl Phone Holder, the overall use experience is very good, today I will share with you.

The outer packaging is very small and simple, and you can see the shape of an owl after opening. You can’t guess at first glance that this is a phone holder? The overall workmanship quality is quite good, and the design is more ingenious than the traditional mobile phone holder, which is not only small and portable, but also interesting.

IT IS VERY SMALL, WEIGHING ONLY 0.075KG AND ONLY 12CM LONG, AND IT DOES NOT TAKE UP SPACE AT ALL WHEN PLACED IN THE BAG. Different from the current mobile phone holder, the larger volume is not easy to store, so it is not very convenient to carry. Using the Futubao Owl mobile phone holder does not have this trouble, whether it is used at home or usually taken out, it is very convenient.

In addition to being small and portable, it is also very versatile. When unfolded, it is a tripod design with very stable support. Not only can you adjust the angle you need at will, but also support horizontal and vertical screen switching at will. After many traditional mobile phone holders are used for a long time, loose hinges will lead to insufficient support. It takes this into account, with fastening nuts on the hinges for more peace of mind.

In addition, it also takes into account the multiple needs of users, sometimes you need a horizontal screen, sometimes you need a vertical screen, what to do? It has a built-in positioning tactile feel, you just need to rotate it and it will automatically snap. Chase the drama when the horizontal screen, and live broadcast when the vertical screen is vertical, all without delay.

When you don’t need to place it in a fixed position when shooting outdoors, you can also tuck the owl’s feet away and transform it into a handheld stand. The picture will be clearer and more stable than if you grasp the phone with one hand.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it also comes with a cold boot cuff, which is indeed more thoughtful for friends who shoot professionally. You can use it with a fill light or microphone according to your situation.

To sum up, Futubao Owl Phone Holder is the most comprehensive mobile phone holder I have used so far, which is convenient for storage and not expensive. If you are looking for a phone holder in the near future, you may wish to try this Futubao Owl phone holder.