The new autumn model was popular as soon as it was launched, and the knitted vest woolen vest 50-year-old mother wore a good figure

2020 new knitted vest woolen vest skirt

Middle-aged women want to be beautiful, they must wear a good figure, the treatment of the body enriches the waist contour line, the neat and beautiful neckline design modifies the neck line soft and temperamental, elegant and generous. The hem of the sleeveless vest can just show the beautiful figure of the mother, whether it is warm purple or cool green, it is fashionable to wear on the mother’s body.

2020 new thickened Korean version loose oversized turtleneck shirt

When the cold wind hits, the design of the half-high neck is more warm, the loose sleeves are more free and comfortable, and the design of the closure can block the cold wind, and the casual fit is paired with small leg pants and flat shoes, the overall feeling is relaxed and comfortable. The design of the casual pocket is not only convenient to use, but also embellished with fashion, and the pendant necklace is added to the chest to decorate.

Sweater: Mid-length cashmere sweater, underneath knitted oversized sweater

The half-turtleneck is simple and the sleeves fit snugly around the arm, giving it a warm and secure feel. The loose body has a split design on both sides, so you can easily handle even if you are 200 pounds. The smooth wiring is smooth and ironed, and the color is bright and delicate and silky. Both beige and black can show attractive curves.