What are the precautions for napping?

1. Try to rest for ten minutes after lunch and then take a nap;

2. If possible, it is best to choose to lie on your back or side on the sofa on the bed for a nap. If there are no conditions, you can prepare U-shaped pillows and cushions, lean on the back of the chair for a nap;

3. The nap time is best not more than 30 minutes, the time is too long, enter a deep sleep, wake up but feel uncomfortable, after waking up, you can wash your face with cold water and do a stretching exercise;

4. The temperature is getting higher and higher, you can’t be greedy for coolness and choose a ventilated place such as a corridor when you take a nap, and you can’t face the direction of the air conditioner and fan, otherwise it is easy to cause colds and flu, joint and muscle aches, and serious facial paralysis;

5. Not everyone is suitable for napping, people with low blood pressure, people who are too heavy, people with serious disorders in the blood circulation system, try to avoid taking a nap. If it is too sleepy, obese people can sleep for 20-30 minutes before lunch, and the other two groups of people should fall asleep half an hour after lunch, and should not exceed 30 minutes;

6. People with blood circulation disorders, especially those with poor cerebrovascular, should drink a glass of boiled water and take a nap. (Source: Tongzhou District Health Commission)

Source: Beijing 12320 listening