This transparent watch exudes anti-heavenly hormones


Since its appearance in the fashion circle last spring and summer, the element has been sought after by many designers and trendy people, and the PVC plastic material that was once not on the countertop in everyone’s eyes has now become the hottest trend.

Fashion is a reincarnation, tracing the past and present of PVC, which was used by Maison Martin Margiela in clothing as early as 1989, which is all the rage, and now it is back in the spotlight.

However, what has changed is the appearance, and what has not changed is the complex.

With the continuous upgrading of modern young people’s trend attitude and personality taste, the practice of copying popular elements to the body is too unchallenging, but the low-key gameplay of “transparency” of small details and highlights has become the “real fragrance” series in this season’s new model.

Accessories with PVC design

, cleverly avoids the sense of cheapness brought by a large area of “plastic” materials, the small transparent gameplay is just right, just in the preference for cool summer, full of plasticity, and can play more new tricks.

Suffice it to say that it deserves to rule this trend!

So, among all kinds of transparent accessories, how to keep up with the trend without digging a hole for yourself, it is very important to choose the right piece!

The transparent trend is the same, and the translucent G-SHOCK is one in a million

This summer, G-SHOCK was launched

See thru ice toughness series

, open a new world of transparent aesthetics! And this year’s transparent trend circle, See thru ice tough series as a dark horse player, definitely has a name!

Especially for the little partners who cooperated with NIGO and Glacier Gold last year, the G-SHOCK ice tough series perfectly makes up for last year’s regrets, and it is also a blockbuster upgrade of those two masterpieces, and the innovative design of the unusual road brings unprecedented visual impact.

Transparent design

The translucent case and strap are made of high-quality resin, which enhances comfort while being lightweight and fun. With the classic dial of G-SHOCK, there is no trace of plastic, showing a sense of sci-fi fashion, which can be said to be very magical…

Variety of styles, play with color matching

When it comes to color matching, the See thru Ice Tough Collection is not disappointing! Taking into account a variety of factors such as matching and seasoning, the ingenuity brings two theme colors: the fluorescent bright color of hormones and the dragon crystal color of high-grade 50 degrees gray.

The two bright colors presented by fluorescent yellow green and rosy rose red are the GA-400 series, in addition to the extra color matching, the excellent genes of G-SHOCK shockproof and waterproof, as well as practical functions such as automatic LED lighting, world time and automatic calendar, are also injected into these two “fluorescent ice cubes”, so that many fans have to love.

The classic rotating crown & double display chronograph large dial design is the favorite of GA-400 old fans!



If you’re a professional or prefer a calm style, the remaining three in this collection are definitely worth trying. The 50-degree gray main tone, as soon as it appears, it comes with a high-cold BGM, which is a bit like the one in the game


Bosses, like all-round elites in real life, exude a silent arrogance.

Among them, DW-5600 classic small square, powerless to block, want to have at any time! And the first model from G-SHOCK


The “three-eye” layout of the watch DW-5900 evolves, and integrates the new generation DW-6900 of the DW-6600 head design, the combination of transparent material and black pure LCD screen, cold and very high-tech, full of retro taste!



There is also the GA-700, which frequently appears in street photography, and its popularity has remained high. The three-dimensional central 3D thick hands, with a translucent shell, are wild and pure, and it can be said that there is no boy who cannot be controlled by it.


Break the ice and be yourself

Breaking out of the shackles, stepping out of the box, constantly challenging yourself, changing and innovating, this is the belief that most young people uphold today, and it is also the attitude that the G-SHOCK See thru ice tough series wants to convey:

Break the ice and stick to yourself. Only a zero-degree thorough test can create a tough qualitative change of “water to ice”.

So, when you see the packaging appearance of the watch, the brand’s good intentions are easy to understand.

The transparent material of the watch box, like an ice cube to “seal” the watch, the light is already very eye-catching, is it very sensual, let me feel that this is not a commodity, but like a work.

Whether you wear it yourself or give it as a gift, you will be happy to show off all over the world.

Diverse styles, more possibilities

For boys who like street hip-hop or casual style, G-SHOCK is a tailor-made and icing on the cake.

G-SHOCK See thru ice tough series matching demonstration

Whether it’s with sportswear or basics, whether you’re a clean salt boy or a sporty skateboarder, there’s something you need in the See thru ice toughness collection.

The choice of color is more casual. The 2 bright colors make people suddenly return to the youth era of blood expansion and stimulate the “” desire hidden in their hearts.

Three low-key dragon crystal colors, mysterious and advanced, more malleable, whether it is a white-collar worker in the workplace or a young student, you can enjoy matching.

These 5 G-SHOCK, not only subvert the public’s perception of “translucent” elements, but also bring us the unique attraction of surprise and innovation.

What are you waiting for, wear it and go out on the street!

The new G-SHOCKSee thru ice tough series has been launched on Tmall flagship store, and 5 wrist performance models are on sale.



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