Wear a loose cotton and linen skirt with bare legs to cover your fat and show off your thinness

The warm summer is coming, and many girls’ love for beauty is almost uncontrollable, and they want to quickly wear fashionable clothes to show off on the street! But at the same time, there are many slightly fat MMs who feel very distressed, what can they do with the fat on their bodies? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at the loose cotton and linen skirt introduced to you by Xiaobian, so that you can interpret the beautiful and attractive body curves!

A breathable and comfortable cotton and linen dress is simply a must-have fashion weapon for summer travel! The wide and loose fit is decorated with inadvertent embroidery patterns, which interprets an extraordinary fashion style. Pull your hair loosely and you’ll have a classical aesthetic!

Round neck irregular cotton linen solid color dress

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A very feminine cotton and linen dress, with a lace-up design at the waist, outlines the graceful curves of the body and shows the infinite beauty. The pure pink tone carves out the sweet ladylike atmosphere of literature and art. The skirt is split to show off the personality. Paired with a pair of pointed heels, it creates an elegant aura~

Slim fit and slim loose linen dress

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A skirt in a simple style, but it adds a more versatile and practical performance to it ~ retro navy blue, which sets off the whiteness of the skin. The rounded neckline looks beautiful and generous. The A-line cut is streamlined to set off the slenderness of the figure. Put on an antique necklace to make your whole look more temperamental!

Korean version of the bottomed thin short-sleeved linen dress

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The vibrant green is undoubtedly the color closest to nature, blended into the design elements of the cotton and linen dress, and it shows a literary and quiet style. The skin-friendly fabric brings a perfect and delicate care experience to the skin. Step on a pair of eye-catching little white shoes and look energetic!

Loose pocket vintage plus-size dress

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The tone is very quiet and simple a suit dress, light color, without the slightest flamboyant and gorgeous feeling, but interprets the intellectual and generous feminine aura. The loose fit design does not have the slightest sense of restraint on the upper body, which is very relaxed. Loosely tie a low-hanging ponytail, so that you have a posthumous and independent temperament in this noisy world~

Literary fan cotton linen dress

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Accustomed to all kinds of red and willow green suits, do you also need a retro rustic cotton and linen set to comfort your impetuous heart? The shallow ink print pattern shows a bit of the hazy artistic conception of the Jiangnan water town, and with the upper body long skirt, it can cover the curves on the body and highlight the graceful and moving figure~

Short sleeve top + long skirt two-piece set

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A dress that combines literary and goddess fan, with a pleated design at the waist, outlines the graceful and slender body atmosphere, and interprets the perfect body proportions. The large flowing and ethereal skirt is full of flexible temperament. Simple pure tones, carved out of elegance. Hair on the plate, don’t have a powerful aura~

Literary fan long rope embroidered loose dress

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The design of this cotton and linen suit is very original, with a bold color contrast effect, which exudes unlimited fashion charm. The symmetrical pocket design on both sides renders a free and casual street atmosphere in the details. If you dislike the whole is too monotonous, wear a necklace to balance it!

Short-sleeved ethnic style cotton and linen dress

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