Parenting dry goods|30 parenting experiences, very practical, a must-see for new parents

I believe that after the New Year, a lot of cow babies will be born, in the same way, Bo Mama has sorted out 30 newborn parenting experiences for everyone, ready to serve our novice parents and parents, hurry up and like and collect it!

Only scientific parenting can babies grow up healthily.

1. Vaccine: Hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine within 24 hours after birth

2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D3 supplementation can be started 15 days after birth

3. Wear a hat: The newborn’s head is an important heat dissipation part, and no hat is worn indoors

4. Skin: choose a regular brand of baby cream

5. Dressing: Do not cover, pay attention to the baby than adults wear one more piece

6. Pillow: Babies do not need pillows within 1 year old

7. Sleeping position: the newborn baby sleeps alternately on both sides, one is to prevent spitting up, and the other is to pay attention to the sleeping head type

8. Feeding: Breastfed babies can be fed without water before adding complementary foods

9. Milk powder brewing: add water first and then add milk powder, 45 °C water temperature, rub the bottle back and forth with the palm of your hand and shake evenly

10. Bathing: room temperature 28 °C, water temperature 38 °C, newborn bath time is not more than 10 minutes

11. Boogers and scabs: use normal saline drops to soften and then take out

12. Fetal hair: no need to deal with it, it will fall off on its own as the baby grows up

13. Red fart: replace diapers in time, wash your butt, and keep it dry

14. Umbilical cord: Before it comes off, disinfect it with iodophor every day, and use waterproof umbilical patch when bathing

15. Washing: Newborn babies have natural oils on their skin, so they only need to take a bath with water in the first 6 months

16. Eyes: When washing the eyes of newborns, first moisten them in water with a cotton ball, then squeeze out the water, and wipe from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye when wiping the eyes

17. Fever: Newborn’s normal armpit body temperature is generally 36-37.2 °C, below 38.5 °C low-grade fever, can be physically cooled, burned over 38.5 °C, can take fever-reducing drugs, if repeated timely go to the hospital

18. Nails: Cut your nails frequently to prevent scratching your baby

19. Intestinal colic: Baiao probiotics, do exhaust exercises, airplane holding

20. Nipples: Do not squeeze the nipples of newborns

21. Lighting: The room should use gentle warm light, the visual development of newborns is not perfect, and strong light will affect the baby

22. Baby crying: coax in time to give the baby enough security

23. Socks: You can wear socks in autumn and winter when the weather is cool, and you don’t need them in spring and summer

24, hiccups: after breastfeeding, you can pat the baby burp, if the hiccup is serious, you can bounce the heart of the foot, let the baby cry out will be much better

25. Sleep coaxing method: do not shake the baby hard, it is not good for the baby’s brain, you can sleep in a small range, gently and regularly

26. Dander: Before cleaning, you can use vegetable oil massage oil to soften it, and then clean

27. Dressing: Baby clothes should be made of 100% cotton

28. Complementary food: The first bite of complementary food should eat high-iron rice noodles

29. Complementary food addition time: not earlier than 4 months, not later than 8 months

30. Feeding method: can try to breastfeed, do not feed milk powder, breast milk is the best natural food for babies