The electric hot water bottle suddenly exploded in the bed! Don’t use a hot water bottle like that

Have you felt the coolness lately?

Many people took out the necessary winter artifact “hot water bottle”

It’s too comfortable to cover the hot water bottle in winter,

But put the electric hot water bottle into the bed to heat,

It’s so dangerous!

At about 7 o’clock in the evening of November 26, in the Parkson Garden Community, Sheyang County, Yancheng, Jiangsu, Mr. Ding’s wife put an electric hot water bottle in the bed at home and plugged it in to heat it, resulting in the explosion of the electric hot water bottle, igniting the quilt and Simmons on the bed.

In a hurry, my wife carried the burning quilt to the bathroom, but to no avail, the Simmons fire that burned in the room spread rapidly. Mr. Ding said the raging fire burst out several meters high, and the entire house was filled with thick black smoke.

At this critical moment, Jiang Hengshan, an employee of the tobacco bureau downstairs who had just arrived at home, saw thick smoke, and he quickly took out a fire extinguisher from his home and rushed over.

Chen Bisheng, a neighbor who heard the shouts, also ran over, and together with Jiang Hengshan, despite the danger of choking people with thick smoke, he used a fire extinguisher to aim at the fire point and spray. At the same time, the property duty staff who heard the residents’ call for help also rushed over with fire extinguishers and worked with two residents fighting the fire to fight and control the spread of the fire.

△ Neighbors who help put out fires

Soon, the fire and rescue personnel who received the alarm rushed to the scene and quickly extinguished the residual open flame.

The reporter saw in Mr. Ding’s home that the items in the master bedroom had been all cleaned up, the windows were deformed by the high temperature, Simmons burned to the point of spring, the chandelier on the roof was burned out, and the walls were blackened with black smoke.

Fire scene

“If it weren’t for the good neighbors and many property duty personnel who risked their lives and rushed into the fire to extinguish the fire and control the speed of the fire’s spread, not only would my belongings suffer and it might have affected the surrounding neighbors.”

In order to express his gratitude to everyone, Mr. Ding specially made pennants and letters of appreciation and came to the Sheyang County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to thank Jiang Hengshan, who rushed into the fire to help extinguish the fire regardless of his personal safety.

It is better to learn to choose

High security hot water bottle

Electrode type hot water bottle

There is generally a salt crystal inside. After injecting clean water, salt crystals dissolve, and clean water becomes salt compounds. After the hot water bottle is charged, the salt compounds are electrically heated.

Heating wire type hot water bottle

The internal heating element is not in direct contact with the liquid, and the coil is also separated from the liquid by the insulator, ensuring safety.

The state requires that the electric hot water bottle must be heating wire type or electric heating tube type, the materials used in these two electric hot water bottles will not corrode and rust, and the internal liquid will not be electrified, so they are also safer.

The electrode hot water bottle process is simple and the cost is relatively low, so it is easy to be accepted by the market. This is also the reason why the vast majority of manufacturers continue to produce regardless of the national standard.

How to tell

Electrode and heating wire hot water bottles?

Now some electric hot water bottles sell heating wire or electric heating tube type prices, but the internal structure is still a low electrode type, so it is difficult to distinguish by price.


When you buy an electric hot water bottle, you can touch it with your hands,

The heating wire or electric tube hot water bottle should be a mesh wire structure or a U-shaped tubular structure, and the electrode hot water bottle can generally touch two metal electrodes.

Why do electric hot water bottles explode?

The electric hot water bottle exploded because the heating temperature was too high, causing the liquid inside the hot water bottle to vaporize and expand.

Each electric hot water bottle will have a temperature controller, as long as it does not fail, the maximum temperature of the electric hot water bottle generally does not exceed 70 °C, and the liquid cannot be vaporized.

So, the only reason for the explosion is – the thermostat is broken! Quality issues!

Hot selling electric hot water bottles in the market

What is the quality?

Curiosity Lab randomly purchased a few to do an anatomy.

These are all electrode-type, with fixed electrodes and separate mobile electrodes.

One of the newly bought electric hot water bottles, the heater has rusted, and the liquid inside has also been dyed yellow.

This shows that immersion in salt compounds for a long time, the electrode may be corroded and rusted, which will reduce the resistance and increase the heating power.

If the thermostat and non-failing thermal circuit breakers fail, the electrode heating temperature can exceed 100°C, causing the salt compounds to vaporize and explode.

Source: Modern Express +/ZAKER Nanjing, Curious Lab, etc

Guangzhou Daily All Media Editor: Shi Yu