A new kind of women’s pants: “plush pants”, my wife bought 3 at a time, comfortable and versatile to show thin legs

Fashion new products, as the boss of the versatile world, without any fancy additions, slim and thin, don’t mix and match, is a good version of covering flesh and modifying the leg shape, the key upper body is very thin Oh.

Thick and thick high-waist leggings, with a model on the upper body, showing thin and covering the belly, keeping warm while being more elegant and feminine, and looking good with a tweed down jacket.

The design of the feet is very good for keeping warm.

The material has gloss, very fashionable and elegant, skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, waterproof, crack-proof, good feeling,

The solid color of the shape design easily interprets sexiness and elegance, showing the charm of women, it’s as simple as that.

Charm lifts buttocks and tightens the fat on the lower abdomen. It’s great to wear. The stretch fits the body and shows off the attractive posture. Stylish ripped design for easy age-reduction.

Goodbye black pants! This year’s popularity of such a cotton “warm pants”, to keep warm, a pair for the winter.

Corduroy design, more vintage feeling, cotton insulation and comfort.

Warm shape is not bloated, no matter how to wear it looks good.

Selected high-quality fabrics give you a refreshing and comfortable wearing feeling, slim and thin, fashionable and foreign, highlighting the atmospheric and smooth broken flowers to easily create a graceful figure.

Slim cut, create a light texture, retro slimming, highlight the woman’s sense of sophistication.

The slim fit, the upper body is generous and not picky, showing a thin and slim body, which greatly improves the fashionability.

There is also this kind of black version, you can see if such pants look particularly thin

Maternity leggings pants, high stretch maternity pants, denim style. The pile and thicker version is more comfortable to wear.

Fitted cut, so that the clothes fit the body more closely and wear without restraints.

Versatile, with a kaft or sweater top, it is beautiful no matter how it is matched.

Skin-friendly and warm texture, exquisite fit, simple charm, highlight a good figure.

Without losing the unique sense of fashion, it gives urban young people a different fashion match, selected high-quality fabrics, more comfortable, light and smooth feeling, foreign warmth and super exquisite.

The beautiful bloom at a glance makes you look more simple and atmospheric. Dress appropriately and be full of femininity.

Comfortable fit, heroic without dragging, pure color, not easy to pill, selected materials, practical style, high-quality slimming effect is very significant, elastic fit the body line.

The pants are delicately made, delicate and soft in the hand, the upper body is very thin and super warm, with sweaters, coats can be easily controlled, suitable for a variety of dressing styles.

You who love beauty and are afraid of cold don’t have to worry about how to spend this cold winter, thickened double-sided thermal down pants escort you out this winter, using high-grade white duck down filling, warm and light, this winter, it is your best choice.

Slim design concept, natural colors, full of luxury and noble temperament.

The fitted design is more vibrant and naturally exudes feminine softness.

It’s really very comfortable to wear, the fabric uses classic retro corduroy, soft and delicate stripe fleece fabric, the upper body effect is praised, and the small MM can also be well controlled.

It is neat and crisp, highlighting the sexy and curvy beauty of women, showing the youthful vitality, and very fashionable.