With cotton, let the sport “come alive”

Research by the University of Kent in Belgium has proved that cotton fabrics are more effective than man-made fibers in reducing body odor during exercise

Let’s go sports! Become a way to date more and more hipsters. And the pleasure of sweating profusely is accompanied by some unpleasant factors: sticky sportswear, annoying sweat smell… If you don’t handle it well, it will destroy the idol baggage you have established for a long time in the hipster world. The New York Daily News recently published a new research report from Ghent University in Belgium, proving that cotton fabric is the best weapon for antibody flavor. During the experiment, 26 athletes were divided into two groups and wore cotton and artificial fiber sportswear to perform high-intensity exercise. The final results showed that bacteria on artificial fibers are more likely to multiply, allowing foreign substances excreted by sweat glands to produce odors, and cotton fabrics that are not easy to absorb body odor are more likely to maintain a fresh and refreshing taste. Therefore, cotton is proven to be a more bacteriostatic and breathable fabric that can reduce body odor. If you’re going to exercise outdoors in strong sun exposure, spray perfume on your cotton clothes. This is much safer than leaving the perfume in direct contact with the skin and will stay for longer. In addition, cotton sweatshirts, because of their easy shaping and color-holding personality, are enough to become your secret weapon to create fashion styles in all kinds of sports. From this point of view, cotton can be described as the only magic weapon to make sports lively.

Although the impeccable figure is a big weapon, Taylor Swift’s fashion taste itself is quite commendable, who can successfully control the big red lips in the casual look of bright sweatshirt + black shorts?


As early as more than 2,000 years ago, the words were carved on the mountain rock of ancient Greece: If you want to be strong, run! If you want to get fit, run! If you want to be smart, run! There are no restrictions on equipment and venues, as a traditional sport suitable for both men and women, running gives people not only a toned line, but also a life concept that releases pressure and lives a better self. Soft and comfortable vests or sweatshirts have become the key for runners to maintain a fresh body odor after high-intensity exercise; And the coordinated but vivid combination makes them stand out in the sea of black-pressed sportswear.

Of course, how can we forget supermodel Gisele Bundchen – the representative of the world of body management, a thin yellow vest with sweatpants, the finishing touch, can be described as a gray cotton jacket on the hand, warm and at the same time can add points to the look.

Warm reminder, on September 27th, the famous Color Run will be held in the magic capital! Have you decided what to wear to the competition? The editor’s advice is to wear a white cotton T-shirt to run a vigorous 5 kilometers. Believe me, after a long run, you will not only not have a heavy sweat smell, but also show the most beautiful color-—— because cotton fibers are easier to retain and maintain the original color of the pigment. In addition, friends in Beijing and Guangzhou can also pay attention to the Beijing Marathon to be held on October 19 and the Guangzhou Marathon to be held on November 23!

Beckham has been sexy for so many years and his love of long-distance running and fitness is still inseparable, and Chao Dad has been photographed taking his three sons to fitness and running together more than once, I don’t know if Xiao Qi will be able to enjoy this treatment when he grows up?

Enna Devan has always been a simple and capable person, holding a purple yoga mat, and returning from a tonal denim jacket and cotton leggings.


For yoga enthusiasts, wearing pure cotton is the first choice for practice. This sport, which focuses on comfort and Zen feelings, requires high looseness, elasticity and softness of clothing. Behind the seemingly slow indoor exercise, stretching and stretching, breathing and inhaling are burning fat in key parts, and the heat and sweat excreted for the body are extremely considerable, not to mention hot yoga for exercise in a high temperature environment. Therefore, it is very important to use cotton to avoid sweat and odor in a small yoga room. Want to be more colorful? Then learn yoga hipsters and wear cotton tops of the same color as the yoga mat.

Vanessa Hudgens doubles the comfort with an oversize sweater paired with cotton snow boots and a white cotton vest.

During pregnancy, January Jones, who did not forget to do yoga, provided her with the most reassuring care with a black cotton vest, and also fully proved that pregnant women can also practice yoga with peace of mind.

Tiger Woods and Henrik Stensen both chose white cotton polo shirts on the court


If you were given a few keywords: blue sky, green space, fresh air, men, let you play a sport, wouldn’t golf be the first thing that came to your mind? It is said that the word GOLF itself has a beautiful meaning: G-green; O-oxygen; L-sunlight; F – Friendship. Golf is a great opportunity for men who have been coping with the vicissitudes and pressures of the workplace for a long time, and to develop their composure. Imagine wearing a light and breathable cotton T-shirt, aiming for the best angle, adjusting the most suitable posture, swinging the long pole, and the ball shows a perfect arc and falls steadily, Bravo! A structured cotton polo shirt will definitely complement your cool and elegant style on the pitch and make you glamorous.

Liang Wenchong’s pink cotton polo shirt is also very eye-catching

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Exercise tips

:10 Golden Rules of Movement You Must Know 1. Choose the right sportswear according to different seasons: try to choose cotton fiber or other natural man-made fiber clothing, light and breathable in spring and summer, comfortable and warm in autumn and winter. 2. Exercise should pay attention to hydration and prevent dehydration. 3. If it is an outdoor exercise, pay attention to sun protection regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. 4. The exercise content and exercise intensity should be gradual, and novices should pay special attention to preventing excessive exercise and strain prevention. 5. Configure a suitable exercise APP for yourself, such as daily yoga, miCoach, Fitness Class, etc. 6. Come, take out your walkman and build a sports playlist for yourself, it will be your effective energy supply. 7. If it is an exercise with the purpose of body shaping, it should be reasonably matched with diet; Salmon and chicken breast are indispensable on the menu of fat loss earners. 8. Avoid overeating after exercise, which will not only make your previous exercise in vain, but also damage the stomach, lungs and other body organs. 9. Come to an aromatherapy bath often to unblock the veins, remove sweat, and truly achieve vitality. 10. Of course, the most important thing is that sport must be consistent.