Spend tens of thousands on decorations for a new car? Don’t waste any more money, it’s enough to buy a few things

New cars are more cherished when bought, and sometimes the new car has not yet been mentioned, and various decorations are already on the express road. Everyone will think that hundreds of thousands of cars have been bought, but still care about tens of thousands of yuan of decorations? That being said, is this retrofit really necessary? Not to mention spending more money, it also affects the safety of the driver, so is the money still worth it? Reasonable expenses are necessary, so which decorations are more practical and reasonable? Xiaomu listed several must-have artifacts for the new car.

>> car film

Why is it recommended that new cars must be filmed? The main thing is to consider privacy and sun protection, especially in summer, the sourness without a film is afraid that it will not be forgotten for a lifetime. Some friends have their own privacy glass in their new cars, and Xiaomu also recommends sticking a film to strengthen it in a targeted manner. However, the film can not only look at the depth of the color, but depends on the parameters, not the dark color of the film on heat and sun protection. In addition, remember not to use the 4S store to give away the new car film, remember!

>> dashcam

I believe that no one has to ask why install this, the key moment can really solve a lot of unnecessary trouble. Now there are many types of recorders on the market, and the recorder installation is also fool-type, which basically has no impact on the original car circuit. Xiaomu highly recommends the front and rear two-way recorder, and a few hundred yuan more is also a sense of security, I think it is still necessary. It’s like buying insurance, you can’t use the best, you can also have a protection when you use it, the best of both worlds, what else do you hesitate?

>> foot mat and trunk mat

As the most easily dirty places in the car, the mat and trunk mat are a boon. When choosing a mat, you must pay attention to the anti-slip treatment of the mat, and if necessary, you can use a fixing buckle to fix the mat. Don’t blindly pay attention to appearance, safety is the main thing. Of course, it is not that the more expensive the better, convenient and safe, hundreds of dollars on the market can be done. The trunk mat is not so particular about it, waterproof and easy to clean, and the appearance can be chosen at will.

>> charcoal pack or air purifier

To ask the biggest “problem” of the new car, it is not the odor, leather, slush molding, rubber, paint and other different materials will emit peculiar smell, especially the new car also contains formaldehyde, benzene and other ingredients to varying degrees. Although the environmental protection standards for mass production of cars are qualified, it does not mean that there is no toxicity, so it is necessary for new cars to be equipped with charcoal bags or air purifiers. Especially for friends with children at home, air quality is also very important. And Xiaomu advises everyone that aromatherapy can not absorb peculiar smells can only be covered, and the chemical components in aromatherapy are no less than in the car, please use with caution.

>> TPMS monitoring

Now there are many models that are equipped with tire pressure monitoring at the factory, so it is very practical to install a tire pressure monitoring for models that do not have this function. The price is not expensive and can ensure the safety of tires, this money should be spent or spent.

In addition to the price of the above items, the price of the film is higher, and other items can be done within 1,000 yuan, and the total will not exceed 3,000. And items such as seat cushions, central control sunscreen mats, steering wheel covers, perfume pendants and other items are not only impractical, but also have safety hazards, and Xiaomu is not recommended. In addition, there are thousands of things like crystal plating, car clothing, audio and so on, and if you have money, you can fix it, and there is no need for normal households.

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