Baby Enjoy Mom’s Easy John Rabbit Electric Cradle Review

Research by the famous Japanese medical doctor Yuichiro Takahashi shows that before the baby is born, the fetus floats in the amniotic fluid of the mother’s uterus, and the mother’s changes in position such as getting up and walking are all a shaky stimulus, which is constantly perceived by the fetus and sends strong signals to the brainstem vestibular system to promote brain development. When the fetus is born, the shaky stimulus suddenly disappears, and the unfamiliar environment makes the baby feel insecure. In line with the purpose of reducing the burden of childcare and improving the quality of parenting, this issue of [Mama Network Evaluation Room] brings a smart parenting appliance – electric cradle for mothers.

Product Overview:

Brand: John Rabbit

Item No.: V series

Applicable age: 0-24 months

Material: Full cartoon cloth, lacquered iron

Weight: 25kg

Size: Length 108cm * Width 58cm * Height 95cm

Cradle inner diameter: length 96cm * width 48cm, height 28cm

Configuration: full cover mosquito net, remote control

Maximum load: 20kg

The crib has fully entered the era of electric intelligence, completely freeing your hands to take care of your baby! John Rabbit baby electric cradle, pure cotton washable material, care for the baby’s delicate skin; Painted iron is more solid and practical, giving the baby a safe and comfortable sleeping space, reducing the burden of young mothers, and is a good helper for every mother.

1. Specification and material evaluation

Editor’s comments:

The John Rabbit electric cradle is made of high-grade pure cotton fabric, which is soft to the touch and will not cause irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. Convenient and removable design, easy to clean and disinfect, providing a clean and comfortable sleeping environment for small babies. The basket frame is made of lacquered iron material, which ensures the overall stability of the cradle, is strong and safe, and can withstand a large weight.

2. Functional evaluation

1. Smart Rock

This electric cradle has a total of 5 speeds for mothers to choose from, which meets the different needs of babies. The swing can be adjusted at will, smart and convenient, very easy to use.

2. Reject noise

The baby will cry and fall asleep because of the noise, even if it is barely asleep, it will seriously affect the baby’s sleep quality because of the noise. With this electric cradle, mom doesn’t have to worry anymore. John Rabbit uses the high-tech magnetic drive principle to overcome the problem of noise, which not only clears parents’ hearts, but also allows sound-sensitive babies to sleep sweetly.

3. Play music automatically

The cradle comes with a variety of early education music and cradle songs, and moms can choose as they wish. Don’t worry if you don’t have your favorite music, the John Rabbit electric cradle is equipped with a U disk interface, which provides convenience for your personalized choice. The volume of the music can be adjusted in multiple levels, which can not only cultivate the baby’s interest and cultivate emotions, but also stimulate the sense of hearing and help sleep.

4. Free timing function

Mom can set the time freely, up to 99 minutes, completely free hands.

5. Intelligent voice control function

The electric cradle is like a smart nanny, on call 24 hours a day. When the bassinet is stationary, it can automatically start as soon as the baby’s cry is detected, soothing the baby and allowing him to sleep peacefully. When my mother is not around, I can also be comforted on time and take care of my heart.

6. Free remote control system

When mom is busy with housework, she can use the remote control to remotely control the volume and swing of the cradle, and other auxiliary function settings. Do whatever you want, with one click.

7. Full cover mosquito net

The full-cover mosquito net encloses the cradle 360°, leaving no space for the mosquitoes. The mosquito nets are dense, well ventilated, and provide 24-hour protection for your baby. Babies are protected from mosquito bites, and moms have more peace of mind!

3. Comfort evaluation

The bedspread is made of high-grade pure cotton fabric, which feels comfortable and breathable. The mattress has a thickened design, the inner tank is a whole fiber cotton, snow-white hollow, good elasticity. The bottom has a granular anti-slip design, which fits the bottom surface of the cradle and is not easy to run. The full-cover mosquito net is well ventilated and the high-density material provides safety for the baby.

Editor’s Review:

John Rabbit Electric Cradle Stand is strong and firm, and the cotton bedspread is soft and skinny. A variety of intimate functions completely free mother’s hands, so that mothers can have more time to take care of the family and take care of the baby’s diet and living. Intelligent voice control, wet reminder, timing function, remote control, John Rabbit electric cradle is really a 360° 24-hour all-round intelligent housekeeper for mothers.